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  1. I have a 7.62 that I would do. UTG quad rail. Tapco stock. Plus all the factory stuff. Just never got around to converting it. I am in OH also and I think this could help. Let me know... Sending a PM
  2. Yes I would get a couple. Let me know if you start making them. Iburnammo
  3. I am looking for a centered, low profile scope mount and I was wondering if anyone has used these guys... My link The one above is what I am looking at. Thanks in advance, Iburnammmo
  4. I only have around 1200 rounds through my 4 promag 30 rounders and I have had no issues without a BG. I am pleased with my purchase. I bought 3 for $49 I think. YMMV, Iburnammo
  5. I have not had an issue with mine. I have 4 thirty rounders and no failures. Only 1,100 rounds so far though. Not proven, but it is a good start.
  6. Not sure if you have seen this before but The Sportsmans Guide has a 3-pack of 30 round Promags for $50. Just thought I would throw that out there for people who haven't changed there rifles to accept standard mags. Happy shooting.
  7. Thanks for the help. It seems so confusing when it really isn't. Info overload. Thanks again, Charles
  8. I will be keeping the parts count in compliance. By saying that I love it "stock" does not mean that I wasn't going to make any changes. I am going to be changing out a lot of items on it. My original question still stands. In order for my NIB Saiga x39 to take standard AK mags is there anything else that needs done besides a BG and fitting the mag catch on my rifle? Assuming that I will be compliant...which I will be. Also, will my current promag still work after doing the before mentioned steps? Thanks in advance, Charles
  9. Hi I am new to the Saiga rifle (love it stock). I just bought a new x39 and want to be able to use standard AK mags. In order to do this I need a bullet guide and to file down my mag catch on the rifle itself. Correct? Any help is greatly appreciated. Any links would be great. Everything just seems so spread out that I read one thing and it says to do "A" and another says "B". I just want to use standard AK mags Thanks, Charles
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