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  1. I heard there is a Version One and a Version Two, what are the differneces ? I have not ordered the rifle yet. What are the pros and cons of Version one vs. Version two ? Should I get the rifle that does not have the factory threads with the end cap and buy the Thread Die and thread it myself ? If there is a reason to do it myself that makes it stronger or better, I don't mind taking the time to get it done right because I will keep this gun for ever so I want it to be the best. Thanks for any info.
  2. Atakacorp, why would you "not do 14x1 on the 7.62x54r or the 308" ? So does that mean I have to cut new different threads on top of those existing threads ? I wanted to avoid having to cut new threads,that's why I waited to buy these new rifles becasue I was told "these new imports are already threaded from the factory so when the cap is removed, you can easily screw on a Muzzle Brake & or Flash Suppresor," is that not correct? I don't want to do anything that is not 100% safe.
  3. Thanks in advance for any help. I am buying both the 20 inch Barrel Vepr 7.62x54 and 308 rifles but only IF I can screw on & off Muzzle Brakes & or Flash Suppressors. The rifles I saw for sale apear to have a short " Thread Protector Muzzle Cap " on the end of each barrel so my Questions are: 1. The person selling it said the cap is "pinned on" how do I remove the pin and cap,is that very difficult ? 2. The cap seams to be short so are there enough Threads to hold on a Muzzle Brake & or Flash Suppressor, if not, what can I do ? 3. Where can I buy AK74 Looking Muzzle Brakes that
  4. Thanks to all of you for the help. You guys are a great source of information. I'm sorry I was not informed enough when I first made my post to know it,but this rifle does have a Bullet Guide. "Hemi348" is correct when he says: "It appears the rifle already has a bullet guide installed on the rifle. Based on the picture the nose of the bullet is already in the chamber. The thing that is not right about the picture is the bolt is on top of the case instead of behind it. Any rifle that misses the back of the next round to be fed will have this jam, regardless of having a bullet guide. It
  5. I bought a 223 Saiga and had the Conversion done by a very good company,but unfortunately the gun is not reliable. The cartridge gets pinched sideways at an angle by the bolt face at least 1 out of 10 times. I am using several different Israeli Steel Galil magazines that work just fine in my inexpensive Galil rifle made by Century. I would like to use those same steel mags and not have to buy Orlite mags. Please help me learn by answering some questions: 1. Is this a common problem with Saiga / Galil Conversions ? 2. What causes this problem? 3. What are all the options to fix it?
  6. Does anyone make & sell a replacement stock for a .308 Saiga that looks just like the PSL Stock? I really like the sleek good looking lines of the PSL stock. I am having a Conversion done on my Saiga 308 but would prefer a PSL type stock. Also a much Longer stock would be nice,the one that came with my PSL rifle is way too short. Also a Black Plastic PSL type stock would be great for me too. Thanks in advance for any helpful replys.
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