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  1. thanks for point it out. did some searching on this forum regarding afg and seems theres list of debate whether its legal or not... as for me...i'll just play safe and remove it... next.. can anyone tell me whether i have to install bullet button if i install muzzle brake on my saiga rifle? this was my main question... regarding 922r.. i have surefire magazine (10rd), and ordered gas piston thanks
  2. what would be the case if i permanently attach the muzzle brake??
  3. Almost there. all i need now is muzzle brake
  4. i didn't count UTG forearm...i thought it was US made but it says china on it...
  5. so as long as i keep it 'sporter stock' instead of pistol grip, i'm good w/0 bullet button? and yes i live in cali
  6. recently made purchase on new saiga .223 n wanting to put on ak74 style muzzle brake http://store.carolin...KE-SAIGA/Detail by installing this i know that it'll trigger 922r...but my question is do i have to add bullet button as well??... i don't have pistol grip and not planning on it. as for conversion parts, i have surefire magazine (-3), muzzle brake (-1), planning on gas piston (-1), no pistol grip (-1)..so that makes 10 parts from 16 total... here's picture of my rifle
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