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  1. Every time I gaze at this thing, I swell with pride! I thought I'd share this with you fine genetlemen. This is my Defintive Arms Saiga .223, customized from start to finish to my specifications. I can't even begin to laud this company's craftsmanship, attention to detail and incredible customer support/communication. To begin with, Chase at Definitive Arms, is one the most pleasant and knowledgable chaps you'll ever come across in the AK world. He was in constant communication with me and informed me of all progress being done on the rifle. The fit an finish of the Saiga is flawless.
  2. I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post this question in, but I'm wanting to post a "for sale" topic in the accessories section of the Classifieds. However, it says I am not permitted to do that. I'm aware that you need to be a Business Member to offer services, but does that also apply to every individual sale from private sellers? Thank you for your help!
  3. I have a brand new Texas AK Designs/MSA BASTARD adapter with a new Magpul MOE grip installed. $200
  4. Thank you very much for the info, pal. Sounds like there shouldn't be a problem at all. I too love the benefits of an AK in 5.56. A few friends criticize my "AR-47/AK-15" tendencies, but my response is this: I paid $600 for my AK about 2 years ago straight from Kvar. It's 100% reliable and it can hold its own, accuracy wise, against a number of ARs out to 400-500 yards. For another $100 or so, I can buy the AR mag adapter. So after about $700-800, I essentially have the equivalent of a piston-driven AR ... and how much do those generally go for? The uppers alone can go for as much as $1500! So
  5. I realize that the current threat of gun control legislation has caused a drop in supply, but my reasons on converting this rifle to AR mags is the same of many other owners: SHTF and convenience. As I type I am still able to buy any number of AR mags (steel, pmags, etc.) from several local sporting goods stores and dozens of gun shops in the region. I've yet to see a single Circle 10 or Saiga .223 mag from any non-online source. Thanks for the suggestion though, bud.
  6. I realize that this is a Saiga forum, but it also appears to be the site frequented by the most owners of Texas AK Design's AR Mag adapter. I'm wanting to purchase one of the adapters for my Arsenal SLR-106FR, but I've been told that the process of installation is a little different as opposed to a Saiga installation, something involving modification to the adapter itself. I've contacted the seller himself on this, but the response has been rather sparse on details. Before I purchase it, I would really prefer to hear from someone who has done this installation in as much detail as possible
  7. Out of curiosity, Nate, if a customer were to request that he ship his rifle to you for a professional installation, would you be willing to do this?
  8. Might I ask, Nate, what you've encountered with the SLR-106 in particular (trunnion milling, installation, etc.) and your adapter?
  9. Ha! Thanks, pal. I'll pass on the strippers, but the beef and beer sounds great. Regardless, it's great to see you up and running, Nate, and thanks for your PMs regarding the SLR-106 adapter. It's on the wish list for sure! God bless, J.Smith
  10. Who are you talking to? Nate from MSA? ... I see no melodramatics or unprofessional comportment in any of his responses. He's been quite cordial thus far and I see no need for you to sermonize him on proper business etiquette.
  11. I think I have asked this before but will this adapter work on the Arsenal SLR-106? Also, the gentleman on this forum bought an adapter from MSA about a year ago and had it installed by Tac47 out in Houston. He claims to have a bolt-hold open feature on his rifle because of it. How did he go about accomplishing that? ... Happy 4th of July folks!
  12. ... working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

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