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  1. I do not want to live in this shit hole. But then again being married with a newborn don't really help at the moment. I own more firearms then I have fingers and toes. I would own tons more if I didn't live here. Well it's time to just suck it up and deal with it. You cannot even find out house in the Ghetto for under 450k . This place is over rated !! Thanks for the Advice
  2. I'm also in north orange county. I got a sagia 12 virgin . I want to get it converted however don't have the time to spend on it to do it right. Anyone know anyone good local that would be willing to do it for pay ? I course would like to see there work before hand. I do not want to ship the firearm out to get it done. Thanks for any advice.


    Thanks for the welcome. Silicone spray does sound a bit better then grease. I looked into the mag a bit more the past 30 mins after my post. I removed the spring and ran a shell in the mag to see were it was getting hanged up. The shell look clear for more then half of the mag. I did notice as the shell got closer to the top like 1 and a half inches it hanged a bit. I got a fine file to remove a bit of the inter mag . I made sure I took plastic off both inter sides. This did improve the feed of the shells however I have not tried any of the mag because I just got the Saiga 12 last week. I will


    Paulyski I would like to thank you for the helpful post. I did grease the mag to help the shells not get jammed up. I know over time that is going to cause a issue with dirt and dust to cause them to jam up more . I will try the hammer handle as it makes more senses.


    Well wanted to start off with a thumbs up on the site looks great I'm a new Saiga-12 owner. I have not shot the gun as I picked it up today. I bought 6 10 round Pro Mags any advice on them on how they perform. The mags seem a bit tight. I know there new I removed the bottom foot plate and oiled the sides of them. They seem to feed a bit better any advice . Thanks
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