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  1. Gimme a bit. I'll get you squared away. Also, what file type do you need? I'll have to work on it later tonight though. Have to work now.
  2. I have heard nothing but good things about the Primary Arms Microdot.
  3. My next firearm purchase will be a Draco. I'm planning on turning it into a rifle, then SBRing it if Iowa ever allows NFA, or I move to a state that does.
  4. It looks to me like you might have some burr, or burrs on the mating surfaces of the disconnector and hammer. I'd start there. Also, just to be sure check to make sure the rear upper part of the trigger is not rubbing against the pistol grip. I have had that issue with some new pistol grips needing to be trimmed to clear the trigger and let it reset forward.
  5. I don't know what all is involved in actually assembling these parts into a rifle, but at those prices I would definitely be interested in trying to swing it.
  6. Remove front sight block, remove gas block, press on the 45 degree one, line it up properly and pin it into position. Be warned they can be a huge pain to get far enough onto the barrel without a press.
  7. I really want one of these VEPRs in x54r.
  8. Which AK are you going for here? Since that's a 7.62, I'd say a 45 degree gas block with bayonet lugs, an AKM front sight block, threaded 14x1mm left hand muzzle and a cleaning rod.
  9. All of those I have ever seen are Chinese made. I have one and it will fit a Saiga. It might be slightly loose so you will have to make sure to reuse the spring from your existing gas tube on the rear of it. For your 922r however, the gas tube does not matter one bit. It is not counted as a part for 922r purposes. This setup will, however, cause your handguards to be considered foreign made. As a Chinese upper handguard + a US lower handguard does not count as a US handguard.
  10. It's a US made copy of a Bulgarian or Russian sight block. You do not want it though. It will probably work, but I would never send any of my money to Blackthorne/Hesse/Vulcan Arms. With their parts you get what you pay for, if you even get it. There is a reason they have had to change their name so many times.
  11. It is completely normal for a piston to wobble in an AK. Sometimes they take forever to loosen up, and other times they start wobbling very early. Either way, it's nothing to worry about, it will eventually wobble in any AK.
  12. I don't like Tapco's magazines, but that color is awesome looking in my opinion.
  13. Don't they know they'd make a lot more money selling those toys out to civilians here?
  14. Saiga bolts and carriers are AK100 only as far as I have ever heard. The gas piston is an AK100 piston, but I have an AK74 piston in mine and it works, just make sure you get the length correct. Trigger, hammer, disconnector, furniture, and magazine latch stuff is all good to go from any AKM/AK74/AK100
  15. The stock entered the country as a stock. Therefore no matter what you do to it, it will be a foreign made stock. The only way to convert a foreign made part into a US made part is to change what the part itself is. You cannot turn a foreign stock into a US made stock. You can turn a foreign chunk of wood into a US made stock because it did not enter the country as a stock.
  16. I have done a few gas blocks and sight blocks on both 7.62 and 5.45 AK rifles. I always reinstall with 1/8th inch pins because they are common. This is what was recommended to me a long time ago by multiple sources on another website when I asked about what size to use. I've never done it with a hand drill but have heard of people also having success with one. The size will be just fine. There is less material being taken out there than there is on a standard AK's handguard retainer.
  17. It looks cool but I need a price. I think the KSG looks better. Not saying anything about function here, just on looks alone. Also, I can't really tell just from the pictures and description, but it looks somewhat awkward to load? Maybe I'm just used to a regular pump style reload. Either way, it is really cool.
  18. Looks nice. The most important thing about it in my opinion is that it is like a shotgun should be. Simple and MEAN.
  19. I've always liked Leonard Boswell. I've met him a few times and he's really down to earth. He doesn't take shit from either party.
  20. For an automatic, I'd also vote for the 10-22. The problems most people have with rimmed cartridges is because of terrible magazine designs and infrequent maintenance/cleaning.
  21. Right right, I misread your post and was thinking you meant for a vertical foregrip.
  22. The Draco barrel is......somewhere aroudn 11.5 inches if I remember correctly, and it uses any handguards that a standard AKM/AK74 can use. The mini is.... way too small and just looks like an accident waiting to happen with how short the barrel is. Also, so you know, putting a forward grip on a pistol instantly turns it into an NFA item, and without the paperwork and stamp you'd be in violation of federal law with it.
  23. I wouldn't buy a Lancaster anything, ever. Do a search for Chet Durda, and you'll see why I would never risk my money with him. If you want a pistol I think that a Draco is the best route to go, however, I think that a normal AK rifle has much more utility than an AK pistol. If you don't plan to turn the pistol into a rifle, then I would just get a rifle. My 2 cents.
  24. He did a video about it and how it happened. I commend him for coming forward and admitting to this, and explaining how and why it happened. On the other hand however, it's also a valuable lesson that this type of play, even disguised as practice, is dangerous, period. + eleven billion on "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast."
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