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  1. Howdy all, shipping from AZ i only accept f&f paypal thanks 1. MOLOT Vepr 12 ISPC railed gasblock NOS - $190 shipped (bottom) Now $180 shipped 2. Molot Vepr 12 railed front sight gas block NOS - $210 shipped(top) now $200 shipped M 3. (3) 20 round Israeli FAL mags $35 each shipped 4. (1) 20 round British L1A1 magazine -$45 shipped
  2. Rocking my Juggernaut shirt at the 9/11 memorial in NYC
  3. replied to Tavor withdrawn AR withdrawn 10/22 withdrawn I’ll sell the Evo just as a pistol (no brace,adapter, tube, or extra mags) for $750 shipped conus. As Package $1000 shipped conus
  4. I’ll sell the Evo just as a pistol (no brace,adapter, or extra mags) for $700 shipped. I’ll drop the Tavor to $1350 shipped
  5. Price drop Evo:$1000 shipped 10/22:$300 shipped Tavor:$1450 shipped AR:$750 shipped
  6. Selling these too The 10/22 takedown pistol $325 shipped the Tavor $1500 shipped the AR $800 shipped thanks
  7. Selling my pistol to pay some debts. Ships from AZ It’s new. Never fired. I bought it when they came out. Stored it in the safe ever since. Comes with 5 - 30 round mags and 2-15/20 rounders not sure what they are. Pistol brace Original box $1050 shipped conus to your FFL where legal. Cross posted Please all laws & rules apply so please don’t reply if not legal for you to own. Know your state laws. I accept -PayPal +4% or friend/family option no fee for me -cashier check/ bank certified check
  8. Plenty of Vepr 54r's available. Just say'n Can shoot all ammo(heavy ball) Have read that PSL can't. Still badass purchase though
  9. SAR-48 rifle, a 50.0 FAL manufactured under FN license on FN manufactured tooling by Imbel the Brazilian national arsenal and imported by Springfield Armory in the early 1980's And One of these But RTI is dragging their ass shipping it as usual.
  10. Obama's last year....... Sorry if that's not positive enough, I tried.
  11. What an amazing 1st post! Round of applause everyone. Better yet, golf clap! Sorry I'm a dick when I think someone is trying to question something like this in a nonchalant indirect passive aggressive sort of way. I have a similar mod done by a guy who screwed the forum and it is still after all these years and all the hundreds of rounds it's still 100% better than it used to be. Cobra is a straight shooter last time I checked. And well, being you only have one post it just seems like you're trying to discount the job even though you said otherwise.
  12. Cool. Once you got it, did your life magically become better, and did sunshine and unicorns follow you around? Did you look at it and say "you complete me" like I'm hoping will happen to me if I get one?OK, seriously, do you like it? Is the dual safety really as bad as some say? Are you going to SBR it? Are you glad you got it or do you have buyer's remorse? Thanks. Yeah, I like, no regrets. Safety is a little annoying but not a deal breaker IMO. Not going to SBR.
  13. I have one. What would you like to know?
  14. 3 single point slings for $11 each from Apex shipping was $5 so that's 3 slings for about $40.
  15. WTS If you want a professionally built very special Type 3 milled rifle using original military parts and barrel, this is it so don't miss out! This is a very nice 7,62x39mm Type 3 milled rifle that was custom-built with all original mint new military parts on a rare high quality Bulgarian SLR-100H machined receiver that was imported in the early 2000's. These receivers were factory made and have very little in the way of needless markings on them. The builder was gunsmith Dean Davidson, a perfectionist and master of his craft. The receiver was carefully polished and blued to match the other parts by Dean and blued in Las Vegas by a very well-known high end custom pistol building establishment. The numbers on the removables do not match, obviously. All of the removables are mint new Polish. The scope rail is a hyper rare original 1950's era Soviet part that was imported to Poland in the 1960's. I only know of 3 originals in the US. It still retains it's original deep blue polished finish. In fact, all of the parts other than the barreled receiver have their original factory bluing. The wood is all correct, new and original 1960's-early '70's dated Polish laminated furniture that took me about a year to piece together, buying in bulk and picking and choosing until each part was an exact match in condition, wood and glue color. It has never been messed with other than fitting to the rifle. This sale also includes the correct 1965-dated NSP-2 IR Polish-made night vision scope. The scope has it's matching battery pack container and cable assembly, as well as a hyper rare Polish drop case in mint new shape with excellent stampings. The scope and battery box are in excellent shape, but due to the fragility of early electo-optical devices of this age please bare in mind that I am selling the scope with the rifle as a collectible only and cannot currently verify if it still works or not. It should thus be considered a display piece. I just do not have time to mess with it at this time. The rifle will also come with one blued Polish AK magazine, and a very hard to find Polish night fighting rifle Y-pod. I'm going to put a slightly earlier Polish sling on the rifle before it ships out, that is dated in the early 1960's, it has an all leather end-piece and is more appropriate to the build. There's only a few other less obvious details that need to be mentioned. One, I never engraved the rifle with any fake markings because I didn't know for sure if I wanted to go with Russian or Polish furnishings. Therefore, it's a clean slate for the new buyer to play with (make it a Soviet rifle if you prefer). I also never riveted the scope rail on, it is currently securely attached with screws from the inside. I was going to eventually have custom rivets made so I could save the gorgeous blued finish on the outer surface of the scope rail plate, but I never got round to it. As you can see, the screw install is clean and functional, the assembly is rock solid as is and i never say a need to mess with it again. You can leave it as i have, or do it up with rivets if you like. I need $3200 shipped for this package which includes: require immediate payment, no holds I accept USPS MO or Bank Certified cashiers check. i have polish type 3 bayo for $50 more I also have a NOS Russian type 3 stock set that can be sold with rifle for $120 extra shipped from ARIZONA to your FFL ALL board rules, federal, and state laws apply. Will not ship to ban states Cross posted on other forums Here is the original Polish rifle it was built to look like. partial trades will be considered. Not looking for anything inparticular really. I'll post below if I can think of anything. I could entertain: -2 mint Romanian factory barrels with Y stamps +$2600, $2640 w/o Y stamps. -New In Box Saiga 12 "IZ108" unconverted. I will accept IZ-108 used as long as it's in good-excellent shape. Price will vary depending on quality. FYI- IZ108 has factory adjustable sight rail. +$2450 if you have something for partial trade, let me know, worst I can say is no. I am not trying to make money off of this, just brake even. I don't mind waiting for the right buyer. I am in no rush.
  16. They were listed on slickguns some months ago for $200 shipped but I missed out due to lack of funds. Otherwise I would have got it
  17. DO WANT!!! Stupid guns take up all my money. Need to diversify
  18. I'll see what I can do Does there need to be an advantage or I have to be a collector to have one? I have just always wanted one, I'm sure I could come up with advanteges but don't care to think about them. Not something I'm concerned about. I donno
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