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    My mags are crushing my ammo

    I have been keeping my S12 loaded and ready to go. One in the chamber and a topped off mag in the gun. I was unloading it to take it to the range and noticed that the top round in the mag was crushed down and oval shaped. I'm sure it wouldn't have fed. It's S&B 2-3/4, 00 buck, and otherwise great ammo. Anyone else seen this before? I've stopped leaving the mag in the gun.
  2. roughneck2zero

    Best S12 defensive round?

    S&B. I have one 5rnd mag loaded with their slugs (rifled) and a mag with their 2-3/4 00 buck, they sell a shell with 9 balls and one with 12 balls. I have the 12 ball shells. I like that their stuff has a see thru case too so I can quickly tell if I have the 00 or the rifled slug shells.
  3. roughneck2zero

    What are realibility upgrade?

    Thanks for all the replies. Mine hasen't had any FTF's so I consider it reliable already. So I was wondering what they were talking about. And yes, I think a few of the youtube vids were from AA, so that's good to know. I'll read up on polishing the stuff, can't hurt.
  4. roughneck2zero

    What are realibility upgrade?

    I've been watching vids on the Saiga 12 and many of them mention having reliability upgrades performed. What are the referring to? Mine is reliable as it came, and I've ran a sample of all the 12ga ammo that I have stored. I did read up on high/low-brass shells and all of my stuff would be considered high brass. thanks
  5. roughneck2zero

    Yet Another 922r Calculator

    I have a question about the "muzzle attachment". My Saiga 12 shotgun does have a threaded barrel but nothing is attached to it. It does have a thread protector, is that considered a Russian muzzle attachment? What if I just unscrew it and leave it off? BTW: The worksheet really helps, thanks.