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  1. Has anyone purchased or Shot one of those PTR 32 Rifles. It takes standard ak mags polymer only though I hear. Just want to hear anyones thoughts. Thanks
  2. When you look at a 7.62 round, notice how the casing gets smaller one time at the projectile. A non-stepped chamber will get smaller one time just like the round does. A stepped chamber will 'step down' or get smaller twice. It makes the case nearly impossible to reuse. It's hard to explain. Look in the chamber and see it the chamber gets smaller one time or if it gets smaller two times. Here's about the best pic I could find of a stepped chamber explanation Great Thanks for the Info. Ill check it out. I actually sold it late last night to someone local. Thanks again for the info! Sold. No Longer for Sale
  3. Easiest way is to look at the neck of a fired cartridge. Otherwise examine the chamber to see if you can see a dual radius cut in it. this gun has never been fired but I took some photos for you
  4. Price Includes Shipping. Please exuse my stupidity, How do I tell if it has a stepped chamber? I am not to familiar with the saiga weapons just got started with them. Thanks
  5. Hello, I unfortunately have to sell one of my unconverted Saiga's in 7.62 x39. 16" I do believe it has the dimpled receiver. But please correct me If I am wrong! This gun HAS NOT BEEN FIRED. I just Opened the Box today to take photos. Any Questions Please feel free to ask or PM Me. I am asking $365 Shipped. I am not an FFL Dealer and Must ship to an FFl Dealer unless someone is Local around Long Island, NY. I will send a copy of My Drivers License and NYS Pistol License. Thanks for looking!
  6. Hello, I have for sale an Authentic Kobra Red Dot Sight. This Model is the Weaver Mount style with the small 3v Lithium Battery. I am selling this as New because I bought it new and never mounted it on a gun. I tested before posting the listing. It comes with the camo case and Manual. Asking $375 with free shipping to all 50 U.S. States. USPS Priority. I aslo have this item listed on Gun broker but I will end early if someone would like to purchase or just bid on it through gun broker. I have A+ Feedback on GB.
  7. Oh wow so I guess they are crap then. Will they work in 5.45x39 with modification to the mags?
  8. I have come across some bakelite .223 Mags and was wondering if anyone knew anything about them? Ive never seen them in .223 before. What Ak would they fit? Thanks Marc
  9. lol, Those pics are great. Ok so hopefully within the next month I will be converting the saiga myself. Thanks again for all the info!
  10. One last question. Is it hard to convert the magwell to accept Hi cap Standard AK mags?
  11. Thanks for the parts list! I did want to change the front foregrip if its not complicated. Does changing it out require any special tooling? Or Changing the Gas Block around?
  12. Wow Thanks for all the great info! Im assuming from most of the responses that many of you have converted the saigas yourself. CSS is Carolina Shooters Supply?
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