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  1. Hello I am getting rid of some old parts. I am moving and don't have the time to sell individually so I am asking $200 firm for all, shipped(in US). All parts are used but in good condition (except magazines which have been modified for the magwell and one had a spring break which could be replaced). Thanks for looking! JTE Magwell Good Condtion (No mounting screws) Vepr 12 forearm (2 pieces) Saiga 12 factory stock and forearm 1911 Laser Lyte (Not Crimson Trace, that's just a spare box) Magpul rail covers Ruger LCP wallet holster Saiga 12 muzzle nut Promag side mount rail Proma
  2. Tapco T6 Stock and pistol grip, used but undamaged/unaltered. Great, cheap, option if you want to keep your gun in stock form. Comes with all mounting hardware. 50$ ProMag 12 round Compact Drum for S12, used undamaged. SOLD! I decided to convert my S12 so wont need the stock and I plan on using a Magwell so I cant use the drum. Let me know of any questions, Thanks for looking. -Will
  3. See, that is a sweet setup. I like the Kushnapup and Spike kits but I would much rather have like a "homemade" weapon like you would see in Terminator or something like that. This one looks cool. I know its the sks kit, but I am thinking a similiar configuration with machined aluminum. Bullpup Saiga 12
  4. I know bullpup saigas are kinda an iffy subject, but I have been looking around for ideas and saw a few cool ones. The Kushnapup is neat but I think I would like to do a more custom one. But I cant figure out how to do the linkage. I have access to a knee mill and lathe and would like to make a few custom parts. Do you run some kind of cable? Solid piece of metal? through the body? Outside? Thanks
  5. I did see a video of a guy with a LBHO, are they just not for sale? I see Cobra makes them but have not seen them anywhere.
  6. Ok, so I bought a S12 about 2 months ago and was having alot of FTE's, I noticed the gas block was severely canted and 2 of the 3 holes were blocked partially, I sent it in to RAAC and received great service from Clyde who was very helpful and knowledgeable and a very nice guy. I am being sent a new S12 and am expecting it in a few days.....so now the mods can begin. I would like to add/mod: Magwell-Would like to know which is the favorite on the market and where the best place to get one is? Extended clip release-Might make one of these with the help of my friend who has access t
  7. I saw some videos of your optimized guns,they are amazing. Can you pm me with an approximate price for your optimization? Or does it vary?
  8. Its mildly frustrating, I mean I'm having trouble shooting low brass with it, I thought it had blocked gas ports but does not. Upon inspecting gas ports I realized the gas-block was canted and the blow back piston appears to off center inside the gas tube but I have no way of measuring it.
  9. Its hard to photograph but the gas tube/gas block is off a few degrees to the left(when sighting)from center.It makes it hard to shoot as it shoots to the right, the gun was purchased a week ago, shot it about 150 times and was having an exceptionally hard time hitting clays, i shot a rock on the ground about 25 yards away and with the bead dead on the rock the pattern hit completely right of the rock. I tried greasing it and banging it with a rubber mallet to no avail, aside from the fact that its aim is off it is frustrating to have a crooked gun. Any way this is covered under warranty?
  10. yeah, used bird shot, FTE almost everytime on setting 2. It has the big hole in the gas block then one hole in the barrel.
  11. Mine has 1, I have seen 4, 3 ,2. WTF is the deal with those Russians? Does anyone have a 12 that has one hole in the blow-back chamber and still have it shoot cheap low brass with out FTEs? I am trying to figure out the formula, I know i gotta convert it but I plan on doing a little polishing on the internals. I do wanna install a buffer pad and a new gas adjustment tube(from chaos).
  12. I got a Saiga yesterday and went to the range today, shot some #8s and it jams almost every time on setting 2, turned to 1 fired a few more 8s and it jammed of course, shot about 15 high brass steel shot through it on setting 1 ejected fine, turned to 2 again and it would only jam 2/10 times with 8 shot. So i mean, maybe shooting high brass will break it in but I don't see it optimizing the gun.
  13. Picked up one for 475$ new at the local gunshop today. Cool gun, got a 10 round sure fire mag with it. Been looking into stocks and I really like the SGM tactical stock in the e-store, but its a non conversion stock. I would like to do the conversion, I am mechanically inclined and would be able to do it easily but the only conversion kits I can find are sold in kits with stocks and I don't like any of them. Is their a place I can buy just a conversion kit? Yall have a good stock to suggest for around 150$? Like I said, I really like the shape and style of the SGM stock. What trig
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