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  1. I am. I'm wishin I was done with this work week so I could go Saiga some stuff.
  2. Have recently ordered everything I have been putting into my Saiga from them, fast shipping, good prices, thanks a bunch CSS! Keep it up!! Will use again!!!
  3. No problemo, thank YOU for the peek.
  4. Your chick has a nice ass. That is all.
  5. Woot. Sorry it took so long to get back, my state was sorta underwater. >.> Soooo, got the Saiga home, got out my dental pick and THREE VERY WELL FORMED HOLES! WOOT! So I did the conversion. I got ballsy and did it. Took about 8 hours, a lot of cursing and dremel work, and bam. I finished it, got it back together and took it to the range...all I can say is: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I put about 200 rounds of high-brass 5 shot Remington through it flawlessly. Then about 100 bulk pack Federal with ONE failure to eject, and one failure to feed due to the case cr
  6. I think...if a crafty business wise group of fellas were to begin producing NEW out of circulation firearms, they'd make a killing. The Broomhandle, the 1887, the Webley etc. I'd love to have a Broomhandle, but Twinsen ain't kidding, I'd prefer not to mortgage my home to have one! Lol. If someone would just produce new ones with some design fixes, and some new P-38s I'd be thrilled.
  7. With what I paid for mine, I really won't have a problem taking a stab at working on this. I fitted all the Wilson combat parts into my Springfield fully loaded so maybe I can do this. Like I said, I'm not a very mechanically inclined person, but that M1911 runs no problem, so...maybe I can do this. I appreciate the feedback DogMan, people like you are the reason I think I can make a go of this gun. The Jam-o-matics I have been referring to are the "Vodka Specials" anyway, and from what I can gather those aren't the most common Saiga 12 I could get. Yeah I will be pissed if I get a "Vodka
  8. So you re-engineered the MSAR huh, that is amazing, specially for "not a very mechanically inclined person." It is a copy, that is beyond debate, by any rational person anyway. But anyway, to address the presumed point of your post. I stand by my statement, "Don't buy one." It may need some tweaks and massaging to get it working 100% out the box, and as you yourself have said, you will not be happy with that! Better to spend more money and have one of our real pros set your gun up for you! But, you don't want to do that either... If you fail to take my advice, that is your business.
  9. LOL...well it is much better than what I'm used to. I love that photo of Mik...that is epic.
  10. Hey, site admins, just want to say this place is very excellent. The only other forum I have ever really posted a lot in was in M1911.org and let me tell you, that place is fuckin fascist. They have an automated system of bots called "RULEKEEPERS" that moderate you for ass, or damn. You can't overturn a moderation, and the damn system will flag you over an even MINOR offense. It really kind of sucks. Oh well, what can you expect from a Greecian. His country is in the toilet. I got banned from there because I asked a question about debt insolvency in countries and whether or not it would occur
  11. I didn't mean the custom work, just the reliability stuff I have seen on these forums. And wow, no I have never seen that movie...though with the pyramid and such it makes a lot more sense now. I kinda get the feeling this is yet another movie loaded with occult and esoteric symbolism. My, my, it is everywhere.
  12. I think I've seen you reference his work in other posts, and it is quite nice. 850 is more than I'd be willing to drop into the gun though, I might can do a lot myself...maybe. Curious question though, if that is you in your display picture, why are you rocking the eye of Ra?
  13. My FFL LEO now has the GR 100 Saiga 12 in his posession, pickin it up when I get off work in the AM. Will let y'all know how it does...hopefully it will have the proper amount of gas ports...
  14. Here's my Jam-o-matic using Winchester Universal Bulk pack.... Check it out and report back. Nice. How much work you have into that gun to do it? Even the comment on the youtube page says this: 123karismith " Dude! what did you do to your S-12 to make it run Win. Univ. My S-12 is a ***jam-o-matic*** with yhat same ammo! Share your secret. 1 week ago " Reported back. Nice gun BTW.
  15. Lol, very true sir, however I don't think the situation would be any better for those that were right either. Will do sir, you take it easy as well. Also I relate to your politics sir, I consider myself an anarcho-libertarian.
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