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  1. Just aquired an old ass gasoline blowtorch/soldering iron... Tomorrow morning looks to be promising, I may have a cool new vintage toy or I may torch myself lol..

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    2. CrankyYankee


      Errr, I doubt that it was designed to run on gasoline. I would be sure before I loded it up with Gas!

    3. G O B

      G O B

      Make sure the seal in the pump seals TIGHT! These run on white gas (unleaded regular)and make themselves into bombs real frequently. Fill it up with water and pump it up as hard as you can to check for leaks before trying it with gas.I used these years ago, and still have a couple - but i use propane torches for the safety factor!

    4. echoside190


      Yeah, it's more of a novelty item haha.. I tested it out and ran it this morning and it works pretty well, takes forever to heat the old soldering tip on it. I'm just gonna sit it with all my other antique tools and machinery. It makes one hell of a flamethrower though!


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