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  1. I for sure dig the original Mortal Kombat, but lets not forget the other game that my quarters went to in that period.......give you a hint....Sonic Boom!
  2. BuzzNectar

    Being A CO

    That's no shit. a couple of those lovely improvised weapons look a lot like the two I found at my institution last month.
  3. OK that gets me off the fence.Was trying to decide either getting the new Black Ops 2 or Borderlands 2.If I got both my wife would kill me with my pretty little VEPER-12 that I got earlier......and she says I'm the high maintenance one
  4. Thanks for the info. I just might pull the trigger on one tomorrow if all goes well.....wish me luck. Might as well before they sell out or imports get screwed. They really are awesome and superior.Shot mine for the first time today and I was VERY impressed how well the automatic gas system cycled everything from cheap stuff to 00buck and slugs right out of the box with zero break in.Plus all the slick features like LRBHO,hinged/railed dust cover,factory Molot furniture,decent trigger,even the finish seems much better.The only downside i can see is there is no drum for it.Howeve
  5. I just started a new job as a corrections officer and in a couple weeks I will need to buy a good utility belt,handcuff case,MK4 case ect... Wanted to know where you LE guys shop at and any opinions on products/prices.Thanks.
  6. Thats awesome,just dont get hooked on it now that you have won or you will end up shelling out more LOL.I probably would have invested it in "ammo...the gold of today" but either way I'm glad you had a stroke of good luck.Cheers and happy 4th.
  7. I bought my wife an FNX-9 last year for her birthday.I was very impressed with it and wish I had one to match.The feel and control are excellent.The slide and trigger are smooth and my 9 year old son handles and shoots great with it as well.Shop around and you may be able to find a nice deal.The one she got was a two tone and was $480.00ish shipped.Comes in a nice little case with 3-17rd mags and 3 alternate sized grip inserts.So far only about 600rds through it and no malfunctions to date,only thing I saw negative was how hard it was to get a full 17rds in the mag at first.Now after some use
  8. damn,Chile......laying here in bed getting ready to go to sleep.Decided to look at a couple things before lights out and now you have made me very hungry for some kick ass Mexican food.Will have to try this for sure,sounds very good.Thanks for sharing
  9. ^^^^^^^100%^^^^^^^ Same as my household we have a few that are loaded and my son was taught REAL gun safety and opperation starting at age 4 just like my dad taught me.Its the lack of knowledge and perspective given to kids from their parents/guardians weather they are anti-gunners or just lack the common sense.The best way to prevent gun accidents with children is KNOWLEDGE.As mentioned above curious kids who dont know better will want to find the key and check it out anyway.My son is now 9 and the only time I need to put away all loaded guns is when he has a guest so that in case that guest
  10. Oh no your not alone Chevy.If such a situation would to arise and no chance of getting out quick enough then my choice is the AES-10B"RPK" with 4-75rd wind up drums and 4-40rd mags to chew up the advancing mob of "ZOMBIES".Of course if it gets too close of an encounter then its anything and everything I have including the lovely S-12 with a mix of SB,winchester,federal,remmington buck and slugs......Lets just hope that for our sake and theirs that things cool off to at least a non violent level.Just remember....We are not racists.We are people....We are people who have families,values,meaning
  11. Lived in Missouri my whole life.Where I actually reside there is little threat,however I do know how dangerous STL can be,especially on the east side.KC not as bad but given the current situation I would be warry of being around some parts. That being said I'm sorry you catch your self feeling like you might be thinking racist thoughts........ITS NOT YOUR FAULT......the media and politics have set the the mode on this one and its a shame that America has yet another problem on our hands. Think smart! React smart! Be safe!
  12. What type of payment are you willing to use for the items?
  13. Yeah I remember a litle while back that Wag got bit and almost died.I see the snake hunting skills have been sharpened and Wag comes out unscathed.Congrats on the recovery.
  14. Like BpS12 said,I too am getting great accuracy with irons.For that matter I have been contemplating on getting a POSP in the 4x-6x range for a little closer and precise look on the target while still having a great field of view so I dont get target locked and let a "ZOMBIE" slip by.Also while deployed in the prone position one can feed it through drums and fan the trigger laying down quite a bit of cover fire and still be able to direct the shots in the target area. Captain...I hope you can treat yourself to one before the "Panic Prices" surely to insue the closer we get to election day
  15. you should pick one up if you got the extra$.I have one and absolutely love it.This is one that I never plan to sell.
  16. Well hell,Im not gunna let you stand there alone empty handed.....4th in line.
  17. I agree that 12k is too steep although it is a rare and beautiful piece.If I was rich I would buy it.That being said,the most significant thing about this package is the fact that it has the original #s matching bayonet.When attached to the rifle it changes the harmonics of the gun and that plus 7N1 ammo = accuracy leagues above the typical accuracy score that most have associated it to have.You hear alot of PSL vs SVD accuracy being about on the same level with the same ammo,even if your using 7N1 it is still somewhat compareable,but SVD+original bayo+7N1=the true legend......Damn I wish I ha
  18. I agree 100%.However that would require alot of WORK!
  19. Good luck on the new job.I hope you will be able to get things in order.I have a job but with the pay cuts and expense it takes to work the job it leaves very little to prepare with.
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