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  1. I have recently purchased a stripped AR lower that I'm going to register as an SBR thru my NFA trust hopefully before the changes to trust transfers that the ATF possibly will add at the direction of comrade Holder. My question is can I register my lower with multiple calibers if I intend to use more than just 5.56/.223? The next question I have is I'm looking into possibly adding a slide fire stock with a 7.5 inch upper. Does anyone have any experience with slide fire stocks? I would like to register it as 9mm, 5.56, and maybe .22 LR. I expect the .22 LR to maybe have cycling issues but
  2. I didn't know the parts count applied to NFA items. I'm not doubting ya'lls knowledge on the matter but I've heard there was an ATF letter that declared just that. However, I've also heard that the ATF can ignore their own rulings and prosecute you anyways. I hope that isn't true but in these days there is no telling with the goon squad.
  3. you can make all the excuses for your lack of manners you want it still doesn't give you a pass. I was wondering because every time I have ever read the DD definition explosive munitions are always in there but I have never ever seen any civilian with anything like that. It begs the question are there other statues prohibiting them? Why would you even be suspicious about that question? If it's registered who cares? You have no problem showing a picture of your SBR or MG do you? Apparently being curious here is a bad thing? Oh and I already have a lady at home one is enough to please!
  4. Most of us are familiar with certain kinds of Destructive Devices such as the "non-sporting" shotguns, 40mm launchers, mortar tubes, and some even have howitzers or antitank guns. The question I have is that grenades, bombs, poison gas, and rockets are all listed in the federal description of destructive devices. Does this mean that HE rounds, pipe bombs, grenades, rocket launchers, and even chemical munitions are legal if registered? If so is it only in theory and not practice? Has any one ever seen a civilian using registered grenades, HE rounds, etc...? I'm really curious about this fo
  5. How bad are the gun laws in Illinois outside of Chicago? I met quite a few gun friendly people from Illinois when I was in the Army?
  6. I have one of the older HERA arms kits on my glock 17 it's well built but you can quickly detach it like the RONI (I believe it does anyhow)
  7. Just an update since I haven't been on here in a while my nfa items went in this order. 1: Serbu Super Shorty 12 on a 500 host gun, 2: form 1 AR 10.5 SBR, 3: Glock 17 HERA arms SBR form 1, 4: MAC 10 SMG, 5: Mossberg 590 AOW, 6: GPI Ghost can .22 LR, 7: Surefire 5.56 can, and lastly a form 1 Stoeger SBS coach gun. These things are crack!
  8. I for one love my home state of Florida and we love gun owners here. However, I'm American first and Floridian second best wishes to y'all in California. If it passes there you can bet they'll try to bring it here. With the exception of Oregon, Vermont, N.H., and Maine it seems the west coast and New England are completely hostile to gun rights. At least the Midwest and Southern states recognize all of the constitution. Unfortunately the northern transplants are slowly changing the political landscape down here. Colorado is scaring me with the mag ban nonsense, I just hope the list of gu
  9. Has this change taken place or is it a proposal? How can BAFTE change it without legislation? What if you already submitted a trust form 1/4? This will both suck and blow if implemented! My other trustee ( my father) lives out of state would this effect it even if the weapons remain in the registered state?
  10. Sweet SBS, my saiga is just begging to be cut down!
  11. got my state of florida in number 2 it looks like!
  12. awesome simply awesome! Enjoy the almost FA shorty AR Im jealous
  13. whats the total overall length?
  14. I bought a Century Arms mini Draco and a Keltec PLR-16 recently. I am planning on SBRing the Draco and turning the Keltec into a AOW, now of course the AOW is simple to figure out. However, I was hoping some of my fellow SBR owners could give me some tips on the best options for a stock both fixed and folding. Any kind of optic mounts or even a rail system that might fit on the mini's tiny barrel. Any tips would be appreciated!
  15. I have an M44 clone its Chinese made so its not Russian like most but its still a workhorse and reliable!
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