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  1. R.I.P. "Budweiser Ryan"-Ryan Busch Reynolds Why I will always remember you. It wasn't your pedigree or flash that I remember the most. It was your warmth and genuine nature that kept things cool. When I was hungry you fed me from your plate. When I was cold you offered me the shirt off of your back. When I was thirsty you ALWAYS had some beer ready even if it was not from your family Budweiser brand. When I needed help you came eagerly to assist. Our love of guns became a bond of friendship. Our love of women haunted us to the core. Our love of life always required more fuel for our fires.
  2. Look for the camera in the lower rear passenger window. Is this an Undercover Cop or a Private Investigator? He parked in front of my house just before dark on Halloween. Note that he is using a listening device. Does anyone recognize him? You decide for yourself who he is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EEOS7nB4Ss
  3. I started on a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R1000. I would say a safety course at a community college would be great. I made the mistake of a getting the bigger beast first. If I had it to do all over again I would have gotten a 750cc instead. 600cc bikes are always for sale because guys think they should start out small for better handling. But they soon get tired of the small displacement and want more balls. That is why so many 600ccs are for sale and not as many 750cc. In any case a 600cc bike can get you to the 12 sec 1/4 mile. 1000cc got into the 10 sec. So even a 600cc is pretty fast. It just doesn'
  4. This is really the only way to do it. The basic problem is that the dog's urine is too acidic on the potential hydrogen scale. Urine contains many hormones as well as nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. These nutrients actually help the grass grow back thicker and healthier once the Ph is adjusted. Some people give their dog some kind of food additive, but I feel kidney damage could result from long term use. Like DrThunder88 said you must dilute the urine infested area with water until the Ph is within an acceptable range for your grass. If you train your dog to pee in one area that
  5. Don't do that! Boresnakes are better than cleaning muzzle to breech. However the Otis cleaning system is better than a boresnake you reuse.
  6. What is your ideal heavy barrel profile for 7.62x39? How many would use a heavy bull barrel 1"? How many would prefer a med palma contour instead? Is the extra weight worth the rapid fire accuracy in regards to SHTF? I just want to see other members opinions and heavy barrel choices. I know Kreiger said they once made a lot for Krebs a while back. Who else makes good match grade heavy barrels for the AK platform? Thanks for your time and patience.
  7. I wanted to know what number grit and stain this furniture was refinished with? It looks about 600-800 grit at least.
  8. First and foremost Peach State Guns handled the transaction in a very friendly, fast and professional manner. This shotgun was seriously shipped very fast to my FFL. The saleslady on the phone was very polite and helpful about all procedures. As far as the quality of the shotgun itself. I was comparing it to my personal firearms, but also my friends' Saigas they already purchased. In fact if you go to Riflegear.com right now in Costa Mesa. You will see their Saiga 12 on display. That shotgun is cleaner than the one I purchased. Which is my main point. My Saiga 12 appears to be pretty ROUGH
  9. I received my Saiga 12 from Peach State Guns to my FFL Riflegear. So I am starting the DROS and I am inspecting my shotgun. This has got to be the WORST quality firearm I have ever purchased! I am really shocked. Especially when comparing the Saiga to my friends' Saigas they purchased from Cold War Shooter. Did my friends just get lucky with pristine Saigas or did I get a lemon? At this point she will need to be refinished for sure. Which I was going to do anyway after the conversion. I hope she does not turn out to be a vodka special! P.S. To be fair it is also the cheapest firearm I have
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