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  1. I had the same problem. Mine didn't seem to budge until I used a heat gun on it and tapped it side to side, canting it to loosen it up. A couple times back and forth made it easier to knock off with a hardened rubber mallet. Heating or twisting slightly should get it off. Good luck!
  2. Cnc warrior has the kit for $55. Buy it, use it, sell it. Or borrow it out in your local area and pay it forward like I do. If you were closer, I'd let you use mine. If you don't get the tools anytime soon, we can talk about shipping it to you and you returning when done. My kit is out on loan for the next month though.
  3. I couldnt get the tube from apex to work even after excess grinding. I bought a bulgy tube from a member and had to file a bit off, it fits like a glove now though! Finishing up the wood work and I'll post some pics tmrw to see what ya guys think. Going for the saiganov look for now until I get sick of the t-hole stock.
  4. Thanks for the help guys, I'll continue to grind and reshape. Hopefully I can get it to work eventually.
  5. Its a new tube from apex. I had to grind the back end down a bit to fit the locking lever over it. Everything on the tube locks/fits nicely now. The bolt cycles fine and moves smooth with the stock tube or no tube at all, it's when the new AK tube is on it catches up somewhere. I'm gonna try putting a light coat of powder in the tube and maybe it'll show where the piston is having a hard time moving through it. With the tube and piston off the rifle, everything fits good, that's got me thinking it might be at a slight angle when it is mounted. If so, more dremeling might be need or just
  6. Using a standard AK gas tube in my 308 conversion and I ran into a slight problem. The piston has a hard time going all the way forward. With a bit of man power it locks up but is a b**ch to get back out. The gas tube looks good in and out and so does the piston. Don't know what to try except maybe bore out the tube a bit. I don't want to do too much in case it weakens it. Any other thoughts? I can try to get another gas tube as well I guess. Anyone ever run into this problem?
  7. My bad.... didn't look at that post since it was in the rifle section... Sorry for wasting your 6,666 post on an echo.
  8. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with using an AR grip on a S12? I found the trigger guard (bolt on) for AR-15 on CSS and it got me thinking. Your thoughts please...
  9. I had a similar problem last month, ordered 2 mags, they sent 1. Sent an email and the other mag was in the mail the following day. Seemed like a simple packing error. Hopefully it works out for you too!
  10. I just received an email.... mine is sitting at my doorstep.
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