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  1. I have a 16" A3 upper for an AR. The maker for the upper is unknown to me. I bought this a few months ago and the previous owner thought maybe its an RRA. Hell I don't know. But it functions fine. The FSB has been milled down, kinda looks Vmatch, and the bayonet lug removed. It does still have the threaded barrel and flash hider. Very few marks on the rail and has a freefloat handguard. More pics available SOLD PENDING FUNDS $250 shipped CONUS without a B/C/CH United States Postal Money Order only please... I have trouble cashing other m/o's in the past.
  2. I have a Taurus .41 mag in stainless steel finish. 5 shot cylinder with a 4-inch ported barrel and has the rubber grips. There is a very light scratch on the barrel . I'll get pics up soon if there's any interest. $325 shipped to your FFL ...CONUS
  3. Positive (+) feedback for Cobra76two. A good guy to deal with... great communication and a lot of friendly advice on my questions For mags and some of his wooden inserts. Thanks Cobra
  4. LoL !!! Never thought about that KYSoldier.... could always incorporate if not I guess. Thank you for the info Tony
  5. Didn't realize how badass the S20 would look with the collapsible stock.. Nice!!! Wish I had the optics rail and shorter barrel on mine
  6. Roadkill45 Mine has the 22" barrel and removing the factory stock actually made the OAL shorter, maybe 2" or so. Not sure what the length is on the ace stock though but in my opinion your overall length will still be shorter than with the factory stock. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Here's a pic I took of my Saiga 20 after the conversion. Bought a digital camera as a gift for the family hehehe. Haven't refinished or painted anything yet. Again a big thanx to everyone who helped me through the process.
  8. Have any of you fine gents registered your Saiga 20 as a short-barreled-shotgun with the A.T.F.? Or can you not do that with imports? If it can be done professionally, cutting barrel, opening up gas ports, threading for choke or for one of those badass door breeching attachments, ect..... How much $$ would this run? Thanx for any facts or opinions in advance. Oh yeah Happy Holidays to everyone on Saiga-12.com AAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!
  9. Try Cheaper Than Dirt..... the last catalog they sent me had Wolf 00 Buck in it. They have a website too.
  10. Good feedback for AegisDei. I bought an S20 mag from him. Good communication, shipped as agreed..... AegisDei is a straight shooter in my book. Thanks
  11. Thanks Cobra... Yeah bro I meant the sight "rib", sounds like it could be a pain...I'll probably forget the idea.
  12. How is the ribbed sight removed? Is it possible to buy these some where? I'd like to put one on my S20. If you mean that you have ribbed sights, and want to get ak style sights, then, to remove the ramp sights you tap the rear sight sideways out of the dovetail and then unscrew the front elevation knob and they will come right off. As far as getting the ak style sights, someone here might be able to help you find them. I bought mine off e-gay a year ago and paid around $70. OH I'm just talking about the sight rail thats on some of the Saiga shotgun. I couldn't find one for sale and wasn't sure how it would be mounted.
  13. How is the ribbed sight removed? Is it possible to buy these some where? I'd like to put one on my S20.
  14. OK I FEEL GUILTY.. Sorry I wasn't thinking... Good job Cobra
  15. Thx Cobra. I'll check it out. The kvar stock I ordered wasn't the Warsaw length they listed so I assume its the longer of the two. I had this same feel with a side folder on the ak. Too short for my monkey arms!!!LOL
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