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  1. So, if I were to convert, do you all know of any good, complete kits for the job? Knowing I have all the parts and that they will definitely work without any drilling into the receiver will help ease my fear. I see Carolina Shooter Supply has one for $120, but are there any cheaper ones? I don't care about the pistol grip and stock: I can buy those myself (and know how to keep 922r compliant!), but I'd rather have someone more knowledgeable who's done this before pick out the rest of the stuff so I'm sure it will work. I still kind of feel like the skeleton stock (factory) couldn't be that
  2. I'm conversion-phobic and I'm probably going to pick up a Saiga in .223 at the gun show this weekend. I've already owned a Saiga 7.62, and I had put the Tapco Intrafuse T6 stock set on it. I did not have any major problems, except it didn't fit completely flush against the rifle, allowing some wiggle if you applied a little force. It also felt kind of cheap, as in low quality. Are there any better non-conversion stock sets available? A folding or telescopic stock would be nice, but I'm primarily concerned with having a pistol grip, so I can cram the stock up under my armpit and fire CQB s
  3. Just one last question, and forgive me if it's a stupid one. I had the understanding that the scope rail on the side mount was raised high enough so that I could look beneath the scope and use irons. Is this the case? It really doesn't look like it based on the pictures I've seen here of UTG side mounts, but I've definitely seen something like that on AK-47s, and I like the concept.
  4. @DamagedWorld: No disrespect taken! In fact, any future disrespect is welcome if it's as helpful as that post was. I'd still like some more setup/product recommendations, but to hell with arbitrary cost constraints! I like inexpensive, good deals--I don't like breakable, cheap crap. I'll likely be able to afford most anything when I (soon, I hope) start work full-time, anyway. Thanks!
  5. The only reason I really brought up the 12x magnification was so the scope could double as a monocular, which isn't necessary since I already have binoculars (I just don't want to carry them). Really, anything over 4x seems like overkill to me in terms of actually hitting a target, but I'm a novice so I don't really know. If I am to have anything over 1x magnification, I just want to be able to switch to 1x or irons quickly and easily. As far as cost, I mainly just don't want to have to pay over $100 for any single part, which pretty much eliminates the EOTech and a lot of quality stuff. B
  6. Before I goof around with trying a conversion, I'd like to ask you all about some other upgrades I'd like to do. I want to add a scope. The side-mount option seems best, because I want to be able to use irons, or at least have the ability to see 1x magnification. Considered some type of EOTech originally, but they're a bit expensive for me. I'd also like to be able to see up to 12x magnification--not to try to shoot that far of course, but just to see without having to carry around binoculars. It may or may not be a great idea to put a big 12x scope on the side mount, especially if I have
  7. Hmm . . . maybe I will give the conversion a shot. @KC9: Is there a particular conversion guide you like? I've only seen the YouTube vids and the cross-conn site. @vbr: Thanks, but I'm in SW VA right now. I'll be moving to the DC region by next year, though, so maybe I'll be stopping by your shop sometime! So we've covered stocks, mags, and muzzle brakes. Anything else you guys needed to change with your rifles? Different foregrips? Rail mounts? Scopes?
  8. I'm in VA, so there aren't a ton of restrictions. I researched doing the full conversion, but I'm pretty sure my chimp-like mechanical skills would cause me to royally screw something up. Some questions about the bullet guide: there seem to be several types. Which one is the correct one, or has the simplest installation? Would a mag catch mod be necessary if a bullet guide were installed? Truth be told, I really don't mind the Saiga mags. I bought them in bulk, wholesale, and they ended up not costing much more than AK mags (I prefer the Bulgarian waffle style). The availability of A
  9. I'm new here and with the Saiga 7.62. I think it's pretty good right out of the box, but it seems to be the general trend to modify it. All I've changed so far is switching to the Tapco Intrafuse stock (which I'm not really attached to) and the 30-rd. waffle mags. I also have one of the DPH flash hiders/muzzle brakes on back order. Not sure yet if I want a front rail with an EOTech or the side mount with a longer range scope. In any case, I'd like to make mine more tactical, without making any permanent mods, unless you think it's REALLY worth the $$$ to take it to a smith. What do you all
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