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  1. I love my 74s. Best shooters I have.
  2. Yeah...considering Im pretty low tech when it comes to build tools. Vise, modified bolt cutters, BFH, gear puller , air cut off tool. Various common hand tools.
  3. Ha ha....yah...its an all matching excellent kit that I bought from Ohio Ord. a few years ago. Its built on a NoDak Spud NDS-2SF receiver that has the matching serial # on it. Kvar US poly furniture. Arsenal US trigger group. It hasnt been painted yet....Ill put some Aluma-Hyde II on it when the weather warms up. Here is another pic with the woody kit I picked up from OH around the same time too....its built on a Gobal Trades receiver.
  4. I finally finished up my AKS74 biuld. Ive had this kit for a few years and almost sold it a couple of times...glad I kept it now....it shoots like a dream.
  5. Got my drum today as well. I made another $ contribution to the sight as well. I challange all drum winners to do the same if they have not allready made a contribution in the last year. Thanks Mike!
  6. Hell Yeah baby Oh and Happy Bday Mike
  7. PM sent with my shipping info....thx Mike
  8. Hi Mike, not trying to sound ungrateful but could you please contact the winners and let them know when you will be shipping them their drum. Thanks again for your generosity, Greg Edit....Should have checked my pm....thanks Mike....cant wait to try out the drum!
  9. No...I pm him my mailing address. Im sure he will get back to us soon. Cant wait to rock one of these drums
  10. B do they carry TBird too :)

  11. Mike , I sent you a PM with my mailing address. Thanks again
  12. Hey , hey , hey.....hell yeah baby!
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