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  1. Getting ready to do some hog hunting and don't want to haul the big mag around. Looking to pick up a 10 round mag if anyone has one. Do not have a bullet guide in so need the factory/SGM version. No ProMag stuff, I have heard too many bad things about them. Thanks
  2. Tarheel72

    Saiga 7.62x39

  3. I found some SGM 30 round 7.62 mags for $24 each at Copes Distributors if anyone is interested. I haven't seen them priced this low anywhere before. Quick shipping too, I got mine three business days after placing my order. http://www.copesdistributing.com/saiga-762x39-30rd-p-3365.html
  4. Tarheel72

    bolt on thread adapter? does it exist?

    Well the short answer to your question is yes. If you check out the vendor section you will see DPH. They used to make one and you can find several threads about it, including this one: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/37472-is-this-how-the-clip-on-hider-is-supposed-to-fit/. There is a lot of discussion around this adaptor. As best I can determine there were some defective ones produced that had to be replaced. And also they do not work with a muzzle brake, only flash supressors, due to the pressues that can build up. The adaptor clips onto the barrel and the threads do not extend 360 degrees. They were going to make a two piece one that would clamp on and completely encircle the barrel but they were never able to do it in a cost effective manner. So I don't think they make any of them anymore. But I can tell you that it does work. I found one for sale and bought it from another forum member several years ago. I got the clip on adaptor and the phantom flash supressor and have had zero problems with it. I used a dowel and confirmed that the Phantom was lined up with the barrel so there was no interference with the bullet. And I check it often to be sure it remains tightly screwed on, but so far it has never been loose. In short it has worked for me. If you can find one for sale it might be worth trying out. I paid $50 for mine and so far it is worth it to me. YMMV.
  5. Tarheel72

    Replacing Trigger Group

    Replacing the trigger group is not that hard. Just get a G2 and a suitable pistol grip/butt stock and go for it. You will have some holes to fill in the receiver, but no rivets are required. You can pick up plugs at Lowe's that pop right in and look factory. Plenty of videos and threads on here to help. Now that bullet guide is another matter. i would say for 85% of the people that try that, it goes fine. But for some of us it just will not work. I tried long and hard to drill out my receiver and finally gave up. I broke several carbide and other drill bits, and only made a small dimple in the receiver. If I ever get around to it I will take it to a machine shop, as I do not own a drill press. Otherwise, I have an unused bullet guide for now. Fortunately I do not own any surplus mags, just the expensive Saiga specific ones.
  6. Tarheel72

    How do you guys feel about loaded magazines?

    An empty mag is useless. Keep them full at all times, you will never regret it.
  7. Tarheel72

    Bullet guide kit from CSS: Cobalt drill bit?

    No go. I broke the CSS drill bit and two other cobalt bits that I got. I have a nice dimple but it will not go beyond that. I used both a cordless hand drill and a corded one, on low and high speed, and the bit would not grab and drill out the hole. I am going to quit at this point. I already invested in lock tight, cutting oil, two drill bits, a tap wrench and the kit. Enough already. Can I just JB Weld it in there?
  8. Well I can sympathize with Dirge. I am not a complete idiot and I had no trouble at all with the FCG/pistol grip conversion. But I could not get a hole in the trunion for the bullet guide. I used the drill that came in the kit I got from CSS as well as a brand new cobalt drill bit. I used cutting oil. I used both a multispeed cordless B&D drill and a good old fashioned plug in wall drill. I tried slow and high speeds. All I accomplished was two broken bits and a small nice centered dimple. I am going to give up and just JB weld it in I think. I am not interested in getting a drill press. So far I have spent money on cutting oil, lock tight, drill bits, a tap set and wasted several hours of time. I would just forget it if I had not already purchased the bullet guide and some non Surefire mags.
  9. Tarheel72

    Bullet guide kit from CSS: Cobalt drill bit?

    never thought about flipping the sight up. duh. thanks
  10. Tarheel72

    Bullet guide kit from CSS: Cobalt drill bit?

    Did anyone using a hand held drill have the problem that I am having of the drill not being able to line up straight due to the chuck not clearing the top of the AK? I do not have drill press but read where others used a hand held drill so I did not anticipate this issue. I have a standard Black and Decker hand held and would be happy to use it if I could. Suggestions are appreciated.
  11. I am having trouble getting the drill bit I got from CSS with my bullet guide kit. It made a nice dimple but it will not go further. I thought it was cobalt, was I wrong? I guess I will have to go to Lowe's and get another drill bit. What size is it again? I am also not able to use my hand drill, the chuck will not pass the receiver if the drill is lined up straight. I am using my dremil tool. Any reason that will not work? The drill bit seems to turn fine and the end is even discoloring from heat, so I assume it is just not getting the job done and the problem is not the Drimel tool. Thanks
  12. Tarheel72

    Help with flash hider options?

    I don't think you can get the DPH anymore. He is supposed to be making a new model but that was months ago. Check his thread in the vendor section for updates. I got mine from a forum member who did not use it, he cut and threaded his AK instead. Here is what mine looks like and it does indeed perform well and was a snap to install. I do not want to go to the trouble of cutting on my AK, even if it is threaded.
  13. Tarheel72

    handguard rail system

    Plus one for the Tapco. It is cheap, reliable, easy to install, and fulfills all of your requirements.
  14. Tarheel72

    POLL: Brass v Steel case

    Steel. If it is good enough for Mother Russia and Mr. K, it is damn well good enough for me.
  15. Tarheel72

    Best place to buy?

    I have gotten recent emails for Atlantic Firearms and Mississippi Auto advertising Saiga's and AK's for sale. Carolina Shooters seems to always have some as well. Personally we have plenty at local gun stores and shows but maybe some parts of the country are not as fortunate. I do not think there is a general shortage right now.