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  1. You mean tripled. As I recall I paid $190 for my .410 back in 2000. I paid $310 for my .308
  2. Yes, but I paid right at $300 for mine new. At todays prices, I would not be happy. My sights sucked. My gun is a project waiting to happen some day but I am fine with it as is since it is scoped.
  3. That answers a few questions I had in the back of my mind last night after reading this thread. Nothing wrong with a soft recoiling, hard hitting .308.
  4. Wow, I am compelled to post in this thread. TSG and AkSarBen in the same post!!! Just to help clarify the picture shows the enidine with a Mesa stock adapter. It adapts an 870 to an AR stock configuration. I have put many rounds through the gun shown in the link in all seasons. The enidine works and is tough as nails. So any AK to AR stock adapter would work with the enidine. As a life long member of the royal order of AkSarBen (I have the pin to prove it), if you need some help let me know, maybe I can get you a break on the enidine price if you ever want it. I have considered t
  5. Rarely does anyone complain of a stock being too short. Rarely does anyone buy an aftermarket stock that is 14." Rarely does anyone say "wow this shotgun is amazingly light." Statistically speaking, you likely will be happier with a shorter stock. A shorter stock gets your elbows closer to you and under the gun. You are not shooting sporting clays with a single shot here. Anything you do is a guess since you are not trying it first. You can be safe and buy the 13 or show some balls and buy the 12. If you want an opinion I say buy the 12. It will be easier to sell IF you
  6. You should not drink only distilled water. Do your research on it if you need to. Using a hand pumped filter to do 2 to 5 gallons a day is a lot of work. You should try it now with the actual water source from your sump pump. You may also find your filter plugging up quickly AKA even more work to filter the water and will need more filters and parts. Remember, 1 is none, 2 is 1 rule. If you are going to rely on the sump pump in even a minor SHTF, then you need a solar/battery back up/inverter for it in case power is out. There is usually a decent kit at Northern Tool that does 45
  7. Then get a .308. I had the same decision to make and I went with a 16" .308. I use an AR and a shotgun with rifled barrel. On the AR I use a zero power redot and the farthest kills I have made are right at +/- 125 yards. Obviously my eyes are most comfortable with that as my max distance when using a 3moa dot. I know I can go 150 if I want to. My slug gun has a 2x scope. I stay under 125 yards with it. You can not hit what you can not see. So to go beyond 150 yards and make one shot kills you really need a scope. If you scope a rifle you might as well be able to go 300 yards.
  8. I also like the factory 8's. They can be modified to hold 10 but I have never done that. It is a good workhorse mag for field and range. Where I hunt with rifle, I can use 10 round mags so I do not need the 5's. After that I like the 20's and keeping things fairly compact. 20 vs 25 is not a big deal, being able to do smooth mag changes is.
  9. I know a guy who can chrome it for you!
  10. I've never heard of a minimum rule. Yes you will get strange looks from the OU crowd. If ya get 1/2 your first time out I've been told you're doing good now THAT is how you shoot clays... makes it VERY fun Money makes it fun!! Everyone puts money in the pot. Shooting order is picked randomly. First shooter calls for a bird. If he misses, next shooter has the option to shoot. If second shooter hits, first shooter is out. If second shooter misses, third shooter has option to shoot. If he hits, 1st and 2nd shooters, who missed are out. This can go until the bird hits the grou
  11. A cheap O/U can be a miserable experience. Just because it is an O/U does not make it magic in terms of perfromance. But in a word...........Russian. Russians make some of the cheapest new O/U's. Some spanish and Japnese stuff is cheap at times. Not sure who makes the Daly but that is cheap. EAA is now the Remington Spartan line of guns. Look at the Veronas too. What is your defintion of cheap and what do you want to use it for? There may be a bettter solution?
  12. This is uglier. This rifle has been out for about 2 years now?
  13. You don't have three barrels. How would you time 3 triggers on one chamber? FYI riding both triggers on a double barrel with two fingers is not exactly smooth when you pull them. Without a fair amount of trigger work and practice doing it, it is anything but smooth. Even if you fire each barrel after the other in this way, the grip is a bit awkward. If you really wanted to do it smooth, you would have to use two realese triggers. Not sure that has ever been set up in a 2 trigger double?
  14. For not knowing what the fuck you were getting in to/doing and having about the absolute worst possible gun for it, those numbers are good. Next time out, try a gun like an 870 with a 28" vent rib barrel in Full choke, modifed if you stay up close. Thing is, there is no reason to move back, stay at the same distance and master it a bit.
  15. That was easy enough. Creepy to hear those words out loud, even if it was a recording.
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