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  1. Bump. $80 SHIPPED for a rail I paid $169 for ! ! ! I know SOMEBODY wants a good deal like this!
  2. Brand new. Had it on a saiga 12 for a little while before I sold the gun. Gun was never fired with it on, but just sat in a padded gun case. There isn't one scratch or blemish on this. It is immaculate. It sells for $169 plus shipping from the manufacturer. http://www.mississip...stem-p-466.html I will accept $125 SHIPPED PRICE REDUCED. $80 shipped. Bottom price and wont go lower.
  3. Paid over $2,700. This is a break down of the prices. Go ahead and verify them, they are legitimate. This is one hell of a deal for $1650
  4. This is a brand new item. I had it on a Saiga 12 of mine that I owned, but removed it when I sold the gun. The gun was never fired with this forend attached. It doesn't have a single scuff, scratch, or blemish on it. It is immaculate and brand new, but I've had it stored in my gun room for a year on a shelf in the back. It sells for $169 plus shipping directly from Mississippi Auto Arms http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/mississippi-auto-arms-saiga-12-aluminum-tri-rail-system-p-466.html I'll take $125 SHIPPED PRICE REDUCED TO $100 shipped. Bottom price and won't go lower.
  5. PRICE $1650 I have my Saiga 12 package for sale on Texasguntrader. See it at http://dallas.texasguntrader.com/index.php?a=2&b=437755 I prefer contact through TGT, but I will check on this forum every other day for interested buyers.
  6. First $750 will get the soft case and scope mount included with the gun. Pretty tasty offer here! First payer gets all.
  7. I replied to your PM. I said that the sale was pending funds when I replied to all PMs. EDIT: My bad.. I just found your PM. I must have totally missed it. My bad. Sorry bout that! The springs are included with the guide rod. If anyone has any questions just ask!
  8. Hells no. My poodle will LIVE! Lol. She's so unhappy limping around walking on 3 legs. My dog is worth sacrificing for. If my kids broke their leg I would be selling one of my better guns to fix that (that would be a very sad day). I had my choice of selling my glock (personal carry) = umm no. Or selling my remington 870 (fully modified - Worth $1000) = no Or sell my fully built saiga 12 (easily a $1800 saiga) = no Or sell my match grade M4 = no way Only thing left to sell is my new Saiga 12 project that I was going to stick a bump-fire stock on in Feb when tax money comes in.
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