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  1. Thanks for the heads up email about the sale. I was able to pick up a couple Saiga 12 mags.... Looking forward to a couple Veprs, too. Think I was taking a nap when the first ones went on sale... Ya snooze, ya lose... :-(
  2. I received mine on Friday, too. I probably should of just stuck with the clear cover, but I like the looks of the smoke cover. It was a nice surprise as I had pretty much forgotten about it....
  3. Use the search function in the top right corner. Search for makc. NOT MACK..... Select to search under Members... Should take you to his name which you can click on and go to the profile. If it says Administrator,you have found it.... From there you should be able to send a personal message.... Good luck.. MAKE SURE OF YOUR SPELLING!!!! M A K C
  4. I must agree... I had never heard of them until someone mentioned they had magazines in stock. I was not expecting much, but to my surprise, I received almost instantaneous notification of shipping with tracking information. Priority shipping put my order on my doorstep in just a couple of days. I will definitely shop with them in the future...
  5. tsawy93

    Did your Vepr 12 come with 1 or 2 five round mags?

    Mine came with a single factory 5 rounder in the box.... but, I did receive a "FREE" SGM 12 rounder 5 or 6 weeks later. Most everyone got the SGM, didn't they ? Just wondering...
  6. I want it !!!! Thanks for the awesome oppurtunity ....
  7. tsawy93

    Vepr 12 Russian Shotgun Pre Order Atlantic Firearms.com

    Picked mine up today. Just wanted to thank Atlantic for shipping my other order with the Vepr. Saved on the shipping and I appreciate that fact. I thought about asking but figured it would be too big of a hassle to cross reference new orders with all the Vepr orders. I will definitely order from Atlantic in the future because they go the extra mile for the customer.
  8. tsawy93

    FREE Vepr 12 shotgun

    1911.... Looks like you left a "p" out of "supply" in the email address like Syndicate did a few posts earlier.... ETA- Actually, CSS has their email address wrong on their home page that announces Vepr 12 giveaway... Use the Customer Service contact email, instead. It looks to be correct.
  9. tsawy93

    Looking for a Chaos Porkypine

    If you can't find a used one you might try direct from Chaos. Their web site says "Call for availability and pricing". I think you might have to spend twice as much as you think, though.
  10. tsawy93


    I would like a free conversion. THANKS to TAC 47 for the opportunity!!! I enjoyed a rare day off from work.
  11. tsawy93

    Broke the 20rnd Promag Yesterday.

    On the packaging of my new 12 rounder it says "...a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturer's defects.". I would imagine they would at least replace the cover without much argument. I am sure they will think it odd that the clips broke just shooting. They are better off to replace such a cheap(to them) part so they can help their customer service image. Please, keep us informed.
  12. I received mine yesterday, too. It is a GREAT deal when you consider postage and all the work involved. THANKS for all of your efforts Doug. I really appreciate all you have done for everyone who benefited from this deal.
  13. tsawy93

    GoGun - Horrible Experience

    I'm just glad you didn't quote him... It took me two tries to get thru it... Cobra, I think most people already know that you are a stand up kind of guy.
  14. I would like two five rounders if possible...THANKS!