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  1. Actually I saw the forearm on a rifle Classic is selling but I don't think it is cool to link it. It has three horizontal slots and 3 slanted slots in the from by the gas block. They call it the "2nd generation Sharkfin forearm" so I was hoping it was a OEM. Of course Classic isn't above putting lipstick on a pig and calling it Christina Hendricks. I like the factory forearm and kept it when I converted but I do believe it could use some ventilation. Thanks for any info, Dallas
  2. Anybody know if they can be had (outside buying a new rifle) and if so where? Anybody fired a rifle wearing one? Dallas
  3. Yeah ... uh 5.45 won't even chamber in a Saiga 223. The round is completely different. 5.56 on the other hand will chamber and will fire safely. Actually I wish they had never stamped "223" on the friggin' things. I think it is more appropriate to say that the IZ-110 and IZ-114 are both chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, but you can shoot Remington .223 in them. As opposed to the other way around.
  4. Ran mine in the import configuration for over a year. Finally restored it last week. Definitely like the dry-fire feel of the Tapco trigger better that the original. Look forward to some live fire this weekend.
  5. A special tool is used to drift the front post or to raise/lower it. I few patches soaked with Hoppes will do for cleaning.
  6. What gives? I keep getting an error whenever I try to view a gallery photo. I can see the thumbnails but if I click on one she bails ugly. Am I missing something? Happens whether I'm logged in or not and on multiple machines.
  7. That is a combination I have considered. So the Ultimak and Intrafuse play nice together? No mods?
  8. +1. What is that??? He means that there are indentations on both sides of the receiver at the mag well. Provides lateral stabilization for the magazine so it doesn't flop around side-to-side like. Older rifles did not have this feature from what I understand. My has them and the mags are rock solid.
  9. thunderheart


    No front sight block or no front side post? Got a picture?
  10. Dang Jim! If I ever come over to your house I am definitely gonna knock first! I always imagine that anyone breaking into my house is after crack money more than likely. Their convictions tend to erode pretty quickly after the shooting starts. I agree though that my home defense firearms would not be that lethal against well trained, well equipped intruders bent on killing me. Then again I doubt my cardiovascular system would stand up to that scenario either. Yeah I would love to have a 308 but doubt I could afford to shoot it. Would be nice though ...
  11. Yep that option certainly occurred to me. Thought about maybe keeping my .223 and getting a cheap 5.45 from Classic Arms with a couple of cases of cheap ammo. They have a tantal for < $400 usually and 15 cents a round delivered is very attractive. As for home defense I lean a different way. Layered system starting with my fur-coated razor blade/alarm system (Roxy the Wunderhund), backed by 5 12 ga rounds, backed by 24 rounds of 9x18. I figure by the time all that has gone off my two LEO neighbors will have engaged, I'll be dead or both. Anything that would or could stick around after all that is a very robust AND very motivated fellow. The lack or high velocity rifle rounds whizzing through there homes definitely would help ingratiate the neighbors of course. Now for the Apocalypse my system is a little different. SKS's and 91/30s for handout guns and the .223 as my personal carbine. Was wondering if a 5.45 might replace the .223 in that role. Could stock almost twice as much ammo $for$.
  12. I've had my IZ-114 since last May and I really love it. But the price of surplus 5.45x39 sure makes it look more attractive to shoot. Anyone have any thoughts on trading? I'd be curious to hear from people who own both and especially would appreciate links to research on ballistic and wound data that anyone might have handy. Thanks, Thunderheart
  13. Oh I agree entirely, money isn't the issue really. Of course thrift is a virtue so I personally dislike the idea of discarding even the factory mag, much less my surefires. Really I was more curious in the question from an engineering perspective. By nature, training and habitation, I am interested in mission critical systems design. From that point of view, the bullet guide built into the weapon seems inherently more reliable than the little lip on the front of the mags built specifically for the Saiga. Anyway it is an academic question and I will know for certain when (if) I install the guide.
  14. I think you mean you can't use the surefire without removing the bullet guide molded into the mag. In all the pictures I've seen of a trunnion mounted bullet guide (at least a commercially obtained one like the Dinzag) the end of the guide doesn't extend aft of the trunnion itself. Since the bullet guide molded into the mag (the little lip that sticks up) doesn't extend forward of the trunnion (obviously) I can't see why it wouldn't work. Very worst case is you would simply have to file down the little lip on the mag after installing the guide on the trunnion. At least that's how it looks to me on a cursory examination of the mechanics. I'm actually interested because when I first bought the rifle it occurred to me that the guide molded into the Saiga mags is a weak link in the system. The little tab appears mechanically weak and could break off I'm guessing under emergency conditions. That could be bad. Also, the tip of many, many rounds scraping over it must eventually wear it off. I mean it's metal against plastic not to mention fairly sharp metal when there is hole in the end of the round. Do you have some threads you've found during your research that you could annotate here that deal with this question? I sure would hate to throw my surefires away if I install a guide. Thanks Theart
  15. I've had no trouble with mine. I have looked for a loader but haven't found one. If you run across one or maybe a stripper clip adapter please do post it here.
  16. Looks great. How 'bout a materials list. Dallas
  17. Isn't the Saiga 223 truly built around a 5.56 chamber, despite the .223 label? According to RAAC it is.
  18. Shoot it. Definitely. It is a gas to shoot right like it is. Running a few rounds through it before you convert (assuming you want to convert) lets you find any factory defects that might need warranty action before you actually void the warranty. I still haven't got around to my conversion but LOVE shootin' it all the same. Congratulations and enjoy!
  19. Yep, mine does it on every round. Sure it didn't do it before conversion? My rifle is still factory original (though not for long).
  20. I had similar concerns regarding my S223 a few months back. Personally I believe my rifle groups slightly to the right because the factory trigger. But I'll tell ya, I disagree with some of the other opinions in this case. If the rifle in the pictures was mine, it would be on it's was back to RAAC. They have a good reputation regarding their warranty and my guess is they would take one look at that and send you a new rifle. Maybe its just me, but when I spend my hard earned money, I want what I paid for. Thunder
  21. You can find Golden Tiger cheap as well. 55gr FMJBT = $180 + $11 s/h for 1000 rounds. $230 is not outrageous, but you can find it cheaper if you look hard enough. You know if you order 38 boxes from Cabelas and get your Brother-in-Law (Grandmother/Neighbor/Whoever) to order 38 boxes for you, then you end up with 1420 rounds for 19.5 cents per round as opposed to 19.6 cents per round ordering 50 boxes yourself. I knew all those Super Mom coupon shopping / bulk buying videos I watched on youtube would come in handy one day! Dallas
  22. Anybody know why it is so hard to find a .223 with 16 inch barrel all of a sudden? When I bought mine back in May Mississippi Auto Arms had 30 or so in stock. Seems like they have been out of stock since that batch sold though. Nobody else seems to have them either. What gives? Thunderheart
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