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  1. when it happens? whats in your closet?

    1. Bvamp


      red iodine, a hatchet, a fixed blade buck knife, and a .22LR with 4000 rounds

    2. wa_rain80


      1911 230gr all the way

  2. hi there you posted a pic on my thread. It has you with the mag pouchs I am wondering where I can get that set up??

  3. Hey thereisnospoon what is this device holdin your mags?? I'm not sure but they look like 25rounders?? Maybe 20? Where can I get me this? Exactly what I'm looking for!
  4. I haven't used pouchs ..but for sure look into m14 pouchs.. thanks
  5. Sup guys? This is my first post.I am the owner of the S.308 great rifle. Does anyone know what mag pouch will hold the surefire 25rounders. I'm sure someones prolly posted this already, but I'm new-ish to the site. (Off topic) Any tips on a stock will be great. Haven't made up my mind yet on what stock is good.
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