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  1. finishman2000

    Gas Port for Pin n Weld

    gun will work just fine. I cut down my arsenal side folder to be 16.25 oa and it is 100% with all ammo tried.
  2. finishman2000

    Anyone Have Saiga 7.62 Rifles In Stock?

    $515? for a saiga? last last purchase was an arsenal folding stock that I got lucky for $715 about a month ago. $399 a deal, $500 not so much
  3. finishman2000

    Permanently Pinning Muzzle Brake For 16" OAL

    I've done 8 conversions at this point and 3 I cut the barrel shorter so the overall is 16.25" 1 I did I used the Krebs gas block/sight, threaded the barrel and done. another I bored out the old 74 fsb and moved it back so the 74 flash hider was 16/25" blind pinned and welded over. other I used a 47 fsb bored, pressed and pinned. threaded and welded brake. next one will be with a hk cut sight and welded. the hard part will be moving the gas block side to side so the impact will be matching the sight. I have found the fsb isn't the only thing that isn't perfect on ak's.
  4. finishman2000

    Will this madness ever stop?

    Heard from my friend/dealer that CAI will be bumpin up all ak prducts big time...like dealer cost of $1k for wasr's kinda bump. I have two friends that will be at SHOT tomorrow and sure some interesting stuff will come out of tht.
  5. finishman2000

    whats the best budget optic for a 7.62x39 saiga?

    tech-sights...no batteries required
  6. finishman2000

    Front sight/gas block combos for a saiga 5.45?

    I cheap tapco. i wanted the lightest possible.
  7. finishman2000

    A quick video of one of my 5.45's in action. :)

    what break or flash do you have on? my 74 break keeps the barrel flat.
  8. finishman2000

    Front sight/gas block combos for a saiga 5.45?

    holes? if you are meaning the pin holes, there are none machined in the krebs. There two recess spots that you would if you want tp drill and pin. I just pressed it on cleaned and fluxed and silver soldered it through the through hole on the bottom. I ordered another two just in case they are around again. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. finishman2000

    Front sight/gas block combos for a saiga 5.45?

    i put a krebs on my 5.45 and it went on fine. just mark the hole on the underside of your old block since that is the through hole where the gas port is. makes it easy to know where to stop on the new one.
  10. finishman2000

    Conversion in NY-Nassau County

    come on out to stroudsburg, pa, just across the river from nj and i'll show you how it's done. I've got 6 conversions done at this point and they are very easy to do. buy lunch and we'll be gtg.
  11. finishman2000

    UN Arms Treaty and 5.45

    well we see this coming so we all stocked up right?
  12. finishman2000

    Advice for anyone doing the FSB swap

    yup this is the way to go.
  13. finishman2000

    WTB ak74 bulgy parts

    i don;t take paypal either lol
  14. finishman2000

    New Front sight block

    i don't think i would want a hole that size in the end of the barrel. not sure what it will do but can't be good. i would cut the barrel shorter, past the hole, thread and silver solver the 74 break on.
  15. the gas block was for cool factor only, really doesn't do anything better bigger or faster. just wanted to do one with it. the left side is really the best thing next to the tech-sights that i have done. the handle just works and is the right place for it. everyone who has tried it likes it. i may even cut and grind clean the stock handle.