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  1. Okay I Posted an ad a few months ago and a couple guys responded and I got crazy busy with work, sorry about that. Selling this brass now and will definitely get back to anybody who wants to buy! Unless noted brass is mixed headstamp and range pickup Brass is either from an indoor range or picked up same day it was fired so no tarnished or muddypacked cases! ALL prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping will be done using USPS priority flat rate boxes, small=6.00 med=12.00 large=16.00 9mm = $35.00/1000 38spl = $50.00/1000 40S&W=$45.00/1000 45acp = $55.00/1000 La
  2. 1 K .223 range brass lake city and federal headstamp for sale 66.00 shippedUSPS. Can do discounting on shipping costs if multiple items you want all fit in the same flat rate box .40 S&W 50.00 per thousand shipped .45 ACP 60.00 per thousand shipped .45 GAP 20.00 per 200 shipped .357 sig 20.00 per 200 shipped .44 mag 20.00 per 100 shipped 30-30 25.00 per 200 shipped 30-06 25.00 per 100 shipped Have several thousand to sell. will also be listing 9mm, .357 sig 40 s&w 45 auto, 30-06, .308 in near future, let me know what you need. discreet paypal using gift option or add
  3. I was thinking{i know its dangerous} that a saiga .410 converted to be a pistol would be bad a$$ similar to a draco, I was thinking as long as a stock could not be mounted this could be done?? thought ?? Ideas?? thanks Joe
  4. Ill take the drum...how do you want to be paid? ill pm you as well
  5. if you split it up ill buy all the low brass reliability stuff except the gunfixr plug(already have one)
  6. Yes they are for the holes.

  7. very sick man sooo sick, I would buy it but I am a lefty, so i would be eatin spent brass! everytime i see this type of setup I wish i wasnt a lefty Nope, there's a full size AK in there Just think if I did this with a Draco Pistol
  8. i will take the stock setup if the other guy backs out let me know stock cheek piece and adapter block.
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