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  1. I have 2, fitted for 2 different shotguns. Never had a single failure on either.
  2. Good deal. Your hammer did stand out quite a bit. Just remember, the more you shoot it the more the parts in the gun will wear in and friction will decrease. Just keep that in mind with those massive ports you have.
  3. How is the inside of your gas tube looking? Make sure that its not too heavily fouled up. Also can you be more specific on the types of malfunctions that you are getting? Is the shell getting stuck and pinned by the carrier when shooting, like a stovepipe? Does it even pull the spent shell out of the barrel? Does it eject them sometimes? If so how far do they eject? Looking at the spent shells will also give you an indication of what is happening.
  4. Your hammer looks pretty rough. Your going to want to round out those edges where it is smooth. See if that helps and go from there because that is not the norm considering those ports. Those are some big ports. Also, this happened to me and it boggled my mind for awhile. The pin that holds the bolt head to the tail of the bolt came loose and was dragging on the carrier creating a lot of drag. I had to put it back in and peen it out until it stayed. The pin will make a noticeable groove in the carrier when it cycles if this is the case. Not a common problem I think, but it happens.
  5. It's still cheaper than most 5.56 bulk ammo. I've conferred with a lot AR enthusiasts who have told me that the 5.45 is a great round (ballistically), and I've spoken with a range instructor who believes its ballistically superior to the 5.56 through testing. It's a great round, and the commercial market has already taken advantage of it as of late. I think the worst case scenario would be that it ends up like the 10mm. People still make it, but not as much and its a little more expensive.
  6. I checked it out prior and looks like the gas block is just slightly canted, not much. Just enough for the rail to barely touch that side of the gas block, which doesn't bother me, but I don't want it affecting the ability for it to cycle, naturally. The mounting hole is centered and the rear of the rail seats in the receiver where it is suppose to. I pulled it off and gave it some love taps with a rubber mallet, but to no avail. Thanks.
  7. Just put this Tri Rail on my new Saiga 12. The top piece on the left side of the rail touches the gas block, which doesn't surprise me knowing how these are built. Normal, or should I sort out the issue prior to shooting?
  8. I've had the same issue with the new Auto Plug I just received. My old one fits in both of my Saiga 12's no problem, but the new one was giving me issues on both guns. However, I put a little Ballistol on the threads and it went in a little easier and locked in. You can still turn it by hand though, which isn't ideal, but I'm gonna play with it some more.
  9. If the trigger is not resetting due to the spring leg coming off, its an easy fix. Next time you pull the trigger and nothing happens, with the back of your finger push the trigger forward. This should reset the trigger and push that leg back where it is suppose to be. You can also take the dust cover off and see the problem for yourself when you shoot. With me this happened when I shot high brass rounds with a little more kick. If the trigger leg is coming off like mentioned above, bend it towards the reciever and then twist the hell out of it so it seats better.
  10. The only major difference I noticed beside the larger metal tabs on top is the serious amount of pressure it takes to push the follower down on the mag. Im not positive but I think the bottom of the bolt is contacting the front of the follower, and getting hung up because of the amount of force needed to depress it. I sanded down the inside of the mag housing and i did notice a small difference on how it cycles more smoothly. Didn't have much time to dick with it, so I'll have to check into it on later date.
  11. Yep. All my gen 2's work flawlessly. However every Gen 3 I have gets hung up when cycling. The bottom of the bolt is catching on the magazine somewhere. I need to really look at it to see where to take some material off.
  12. Well I guess it's all good since I don't buy any high capacity "clips". They don't say anthing about high capacity "magazines" lol. This is starting to remind me of the whole barrel shroud shoulder thingy.
  13. Even Kalishnikov copied the designs of others during his process of designing the AK. In fact, he initally opted to go for the detached bolt/operating rod design (more like VZ-58), but changed it after he saw another competitor's design. The AK-47 was pretty raw upon his latest prototype, and it took some others to refine it. He was not above taking ideas from others, and it was encouraged.
  14. What I did differently from the first time, was I didn't notch the BHO with or without the retaining plate. I still don't understand how modding the BHO caught on so much, as it unnecessary, and to me just as easy as installing being unmodified.
  15. It does happen with slugs. The actual slug itself will not deform but the outer plastic hull will, which can cause feeding and ejecting problems.
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