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  1. Hi guys, As some of you may know I have a 5.45 Saiga that I converted and put Bulgy plum furniture on. I put the Mojo MicroClick aperture sight on it about 2 years ago and really like it, and had a cheapo Tasco 39x40 scope on it that I used to shoot out to 500 yards. Well, that thing just didn't have enough clicky adjustment to get me any more elevation, so I asked my buddies what they recommended for shooting 800+ yards with something like a 5.45/.223. One of them told me he had this scope that I could take off his hands. He said he'd give me a good deal since it was all painted up and the p
  2. Awesome. It looks like it doesn't to a complete revolution. It appears that when it is sideways right before it exits the gelatin, it reverses the rotation and exits with the nose of the bullet out front.
  3. Dunk the muzzle in a bucket of water to clean for corrosive.
  4. I adjusted my single hook G2 by welding on overtravel and pretravel tabs and then filing them down to make sure the FCG is still safe and that the safety still 'works*' *works = hammer does not fall when I pull the trigger, only done while aimed downrage. I do not consider a 'safetey' anthing more than a false sense of security that will inevitably fail.
  5. Yes. 5.56 is .224" diameter and 5.45 is .220" diameter.
  6. luhl. I've been cleaning the piston with a wire brush until all the black is gone. I guess I'll stop.
  7. Anything is possible. get a welder.
  8. I would like a 54r VEPR. Heck, I'd like a 54r Saiga.
  9. Excellent shooting. That's about what mine will do.
  10. Barrack Hussein Obama! lol......Bolt Hold Open.
  11. Where are you going with this build? What's it for? The paper doesn't matter how fast the bullet is going, and higher velocity doesn't mean higher accuracy as many people incorrectly presume.
  12. Different angle & brown circle 10.
  13. Get your old barrel back in there and have him permanently put a long brake on it. A tantal brake would be le schweet on a 13". Put the krink gas block on too.
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