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  1. thanks, I will look into these to see what they are going for locally...if your price after shipping and transfer is better, I will PM you. Good luck with the sale.
  2. I'm close to Markham Park...anyone down to go on Sunday?
  3. So I went to the FT. Lauderdale Gun Show yesterday and was shocked by the prices for SAIGA 12's. First there wasn't one new "unconverted" SAIGA to be found in the entire show. There were 2 NIB converted units that were going for $1200 and $1400 respectively. These were very basic conversions using hogue pistol grips, kvar nato stocks and tapco FCG. Every dealer I asked told me when they get them in, the price will be at least $800 for the standard 19" barrel unit. There was also a "Tromix" SBR unit that they wanted 4k for...I don't know enough about these to know if it was real or fake, b
  4. lito820


    Range report after conversion - she runs well, as long as I dont use my 10rd Promag stick...for some reason she doesn't like this magazine. With the MD arms drums and factory magazine, she runs like a scalded ape... Just need to hurry up and find a nice fore end and some kind of grip...to be more comfortable.
  5. Rubber Mallet? Check! Dremel? Check! I ground some reliefs then with a series of love taps she went right on and was very snug.
  6. lito820


    I finally found the time to pin my brother down to help me with the conversion...lol Still have a few things that I want to add, but I just can't decide which ones I want...like a rail, not sure I need anything too fancy as I only need a place for a flashlight/green laser combo. Also thinking about some kind of fore-grip, but again, not sure which one I want/need... Thinking about a nice breacher/flash suppressor, extended magazine release and red dot sight (already have the UTG side mount low profile rail with quick release). Anyways, the list of items we used - CSS Trigger Gu
  7. If the purpose is for SHTF (among other things), don't bother with any optic that probably won't even hold up through a single carbine course, much less worse conditions. That includes pretty much anything you could get for $100 or so. Better to stick with irons only than to add a crappy optic, in my view. Save up, and look for a deal on something good. Good point..ok, so what is a good iron sight setup that doesn't require welding???
  8. Glad to see this new section...I too am looking for more info on this topic. I have the UTG side mount for my S12 and would like to add some type of "red dot" optic for quick acquisition at the range and if SHTF. I would like to stay around $100 plus or minus $20... I like these (http://www.ncstar.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=412) or (http://www.tacticalgearsolutions.com/images/SpecialOps1.jpg) from NC Star..what do you guys think? Anyone have experience with these devices?
  9. Is it me or are some of the sellers at Gun Shows just plain crazy? This past weekend I went to the Miami Gun Show and there were a few standouts that I just can't stop thinking about - Tromix SBS - $3,600 A couple of PARA Warthawgs 3" barrel - $850 a piece for pitted junk buckets from a pawn shop A few used S12's - $850 - non converted... Used Glocks - $600 I just don't get it, do people actually these prices or anything close to the asking price? Why would a dealer price something so high just to take it home at the end of the show? Isn't the idea to sell as much as possib
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