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  1. Yout are correct. I found that out after installing all the parts. Problem is mine doesn't work too well because I lapped all the parts in to each other with very fine polishing compund. Everything is so smooth that it doesn't stay open. It is cool to have it locked open when I jam a full mag in. The little bump from the mag locking in is enuf to jar the bolt loose. So just click the mag in a bam! the bolt chambers the round
  2. Well that's good to hear. Maybe I got a crappy one, who knows. At least you have good luck with yours...
  3. I had one for a number of years. It was terrible. I could never fill the mag full or it would jam, if I looked at it funny it would jam. I had to soak it in gun oil at the range just so it would feed properly. I used a number of different magazines and even replaced all the spring in it. I would defiantly NOT use one for CC.
  4. Silly me to think that no one tried this already. I went to the gun store and compared the .223 AK mag to the 7.62 mag. The .223 mag was slightly longer. I guess that's why everyone had to grind down the reciever and/or the release lever. DOH! I assumed the mags had the same dimensions.
  5. I dunno if this is groud-breaking info, but here it goes. I was messing around with my 30 rnd 7.62x39mm mags for my AK when I had this dumb idea. So I got out the Saiga .223 and the AK mag clicked right in! I know that sounds dumb, because there is no way they would work. BUT I know they make .223 AK mags. So all I would need are some of these: .223 mags and a bullet guide from K-Var... No grinding here and there, just a bullet guide and some mags...
  6. Glad to hear it! I haven't had my .223 out yet. I got greedy and started converting it to a pistol grip before I even got it to the range. I should have all my parts in the mail soon. The wait is killing me!
  7. You're in luck! 5.56 NATO and .223 are the same thing... I've used tons of military surplus stuff. It all worked great. The only bad experience I had was this South African 7.62x54R crap from the 60's. I was shooting it in my Mosin and it was really hard to open the action.
  8. What did you guys do about the BHO on your .223 conversion? I have 2 dilemas: 1) The new hammer is wider than the OEM unit. So the BHO lever doesn't fit between the "axle" of the hammer and the reciever. I would have to grind .024" off the new hammer. 2)The BHO lever protrudes from the body right next to the trigger. I can imagine myself bump firing and accedentally pushing the button in and either ruining my fun or damaging the gun. What to do?
  9. Shit yeah, now you're talkin... I think people as a whole would be alot nicer. You know, the guy behind in traffic that's foaming at the mouth because he left late and you're going the speed limit. He flies by and yells a threat and waves his fist. They might think twice about that if you leveled your AK at them and said "I'm just going home...f*ck off, it's not that big of a deal".
  10. Bugger... I guess I'm gonna order the FCG and pistol grip then...
  11. I've been reading all I can on the conversions and keep finding this bit of info in my searchings: "Rifle can only have ONE of the following features. *pistol grip *flash hider or threaded barrel *bayonet mount *folding or telescoping stock *grenade launcher (ha!) So a Saiga RIFLE can be converted to pistol grip since the detachable mag is not the list, provided that the pistol grip is the only "evil" feature." Now if I'm reading this right that means I can install a pistol grip without chopping up the gun and installing a new FCG...? My idea is do-able, but will take s
  12. I just got my .223 Saiga from the gun store. I was paging thru the manual it came with an saw that the exploded diagram listed .223, 7.62x39, .308, 30-06, and .270. Does anyone know if they ship the 30-06 Saiga to the US?
  13. I got to shoot a Thompson submachine gun a couple weeks ago. I went to a concealed carry training course and the instructor had a Class III liscense. We all took turns blasting an oil drum...it was great. It was the first time I fired full-auto anything so you can kinda see me waving the gun around at the beginning of the clip. Once I got the feel for it I leveled out. It didn't climb nearly as much as I thought it would. http://www.astrosafari.com/videos/junk/Mic...ic-Thompson.wmv http://www.astrosafari.com/videos/junk/Ton...ny-Thompson.wmv
  14. I have a Mosin Nagant carbine (M44 I think...). I've had it for a couple years and despite the addition of my Winchester M70 (.308), the Mosin is still the crowd pleaser. The flame that comes out of the muzzle is great. Get some Wolf 200 grain ammo and you'll have the "Mosin stamp of approval" on your shoulder for days after! Every now and then you'll have those guys at the gun range with no ear plugs. One shot from the Mosin they all cringe... I got mine for $80. Not a scratch on it. In fact, it might not have ever been fired for all I know. Manufactured 1945. I always say
  15. I called the gun store guy and asked him which one he ordered. At the time, it didn't seem like I had a choice. He called back and said I could get the 22" version but they only offered it in the wood stock. I agreed. I like the look of the poly stock better but would rather the longer barrel on the .308 any day. I could always buy an OEM stock off someone here or just convert it to a pistol grip. FCG = fire control group. I did my homework
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