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  1. I suppose the only way around it, would be to melt the handguard down into raw materials, and reform it. After that, it would have to be considered made in the US, regardless of origin of the "raw" materials. Granted, I've never heard of ANYONE ever being busted for 922r, but who wants to tempt fate? Until the dumb compliance is lifted (it never will) we have to deal with it.
  2. It's been debated before, but there's never a clear verdict. There's always half who say it is, and half who say it isn't.
  3. Look for a PSL stock, with some modification, it should be able to be made to fit the receiver. Going back to the stock setup is not something I'd recommend doing. You can also try a stock from a sporterized Mak-90.
  4. Ah! Forgot about Numrich. I'll give it a look. Maybe I can get those parts for the old Taurus Model 85 too.
  5. I think if enough modifications are made, it can be considered made in the US. Don't quote me on this though.
  6. The company was supposedly started by a former Navy Seal, the "HEX" design suppressors are supposed to deflect "heat waves" from obstructing the "operators" field of view, they are supposed to be GTG. About the new rail, yes, they will be sold as an accessory $175 from what I was told by their sales dept. I'm looking hard at them I like "TactiCool" stuff on my rifles. Its not like most of us are going to be humping our AKs through the mountains of Afganistan, most of our rifles are just "range queens". For those of you so concerned with weight, maybe you should stop trying to act so "Hard
  7. I did. It's baffling, because the gun's hardly been shot. The internals look brand new.
  8. I used the Rustoleum Engine Enamel up to 2000F. It's flat black, and not pretty, but it's better than what it was before. But I may go for gold now XD Actually... satin gold and the black laminate furniture sounds... attractive.
  9. I got my FSB from K-Var. Gently smacked it on using a steel pipe and a hammer (no press, haha), and aligned it using the old sight adjustment tool (rubber mallet). Took maybe 5 minutes to get it on and centered.
  10. Well, my lazy ass finally got around to finishing it up all the way. Bulgy GB and FSB. I'll take a more "model" like shot in the daylight tomorrow.
  11. I somewhat remedied the issue by completely tearing down the gun, cleaning and relubing parts. The issue is still there, but it's not as difficult anymore. I'll be looking at a replacing the bolt, locking bolt, and the center pin. Any suggestions on where I can get these parts?
  12. Where did you get those grips for that SP101?! I want! Preferably in a sapphire blue!

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