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  1. A chainsaw forum I use to go to and a couple others have done this and it seemed to be liked. Sort of neat to put a face to the name. Sorry if it's been done before.......or stupid. This is the most recent pic I could find. No, I'm not playing with myself.
  2. Thanks for a good transaction!
  3. Thanks for a good transaction!
  4. Props for a great transaction. Thank you!
  5. Closet cleaning time again! All legality of items is the buyers responsability to know the laws of their areas. Prices are plus shipping. I prefer to use flat rate boxes because it is a lot easier to calculate and ship that way but I will work with buyers just let me know. Also let me know if you want insurance. Any questions please ask. OK here we go: 1. S12 gun fixers gas plug with manual. $10 SPF 2. #29 and 30 MEC bushings for shotshell reloading. $4 for both SPF 3. S12 factory choke set, 3 sizes. $75 SPF 4. S12 muzzle brake/flash hider, holes and slots. $35 SPF 5. Ruger 10/22 Eagle 30rnd mag new. $15 6. AK mag clamps $5 (small amount of surface rust) 7. Vertical fore grip with storage. $15 8. AK mags. Inserted never fired. $10 each SPF 9. Surefire Saiga 25rnd .308 mag. Works but does not hold bolt open. This came to me with a gun purchase. $25 10. 40rnd C products AR-15 mag. New never inserted, anti tilt follower. It is a metal mag and I have a plastic reciever so I'm sticking with pmags. $15 11. New AR grip. $10 12. Ace stock with folding plate. Can be set up to fold to either side. It is set up to replace the standard stock (not the welded plate). I hate to sell this but it doesn't fit any builds for me at the moment. It too came with a gun purchase. $100 SPF 13. AR bayonet w/ M-10 sheath. $25 14. 4 Scherer and 2 Korean 30rnd glock 9mm mags. $20 each 15. Fobus IWB Glock holster $10 16. Saiga butt stock, no screws. $5 17. Barska Huntsmaster easyshot reticle 3x9x40 new never used(cirlcle and dot at crosshair) $25 18. MAK 90stock. No screwsthumbhole . small crack on top. $20 SPF 19. Single point sling new $10 20. S410 mag spring with follower and plate. Freebie. Might have a couple more 21. Not pictured new with tag desert camo (not digital) BDU pants size XL long (32.5 -35.5 inseem, over 39" waist) $10
  6. Edited with Bayonet price. #4, I don't know if it is origina (factory or not) I bought it new from the store at this forum.
  7. doug01

    5.56 in saiga?

    Never mind just saw the pinned post.......looked right past it before I posted. Sorry
  8. doug01

    5.56 in saiga?

    I think I remember from a while back someone stating it was ok to shoot 5.56 in the Saiga .223. Is this correct? Thanks, Doug
  9. doug01

    .410 3" reloading help

    Yeah I found some of the Federal shells and the were roll crimped. Thanks for the help, the reloads shot great. I neen to search and see if Mec makes a grabber thingy for the 3" cause the shells are sticking in the primer position. Thanks again. Doug
  10. I was wonder if ther was anyone reloading for this that could possibly share their info with me or help me along. I'm using Remington hulls and wads along with clay buster wads and Lil' Gun powder. All the data I've seen uses the same wads for both size of hull. It seems to me a larger wad would fix my problem. It seems there is not enough material in the hull. The rim and crimp look good but the crimp goes to deep, I could pour shot out of a couple of the loaded shells. I measured the powder, the shot weighed 0.65 something oz. 11/16 should be 0.687ish oz. I don't know if that would make the difference though. My thought is either a more dense powder or one that requires more weight for the recipe. Any help on powder selection changes or anything else would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm loading with a Mec JR. Thanks, Doug
  11. doug01

    .410 3" reloading help

    The federal shells I had did not work at all. They didn't look like they had a regular star crimp?? The last rems looked pretty good though. 12 was much easier.
  12. doug01

    .410 3" reloading help

    Guess that is what I meant..... Something with bigger granules. Or something calling for more weight. I may have it worked out. I adjusted the wad pressure and the final crimp. I need to shoot some so I can get more hulls to try out. I ran out of empties. The last two looked pretty good.
  13. doug01

    .410 3" reloading help

    Thanks for the replies. The Rem wads are # SP 410 and clay buster is replacement for WAA410HS, SP410, 410SC and WAA41. Both are 1/2 oz optimum load. I'm guessing there isn't a wad for 11/16. I'll check my paperwork and see if I can adjust the wad depth and crimp depth. Will it affect pressure with having some "dead space" in the shell. I'm wishing I would have went with Alliants M320 (or 320M I can't remember). It had a 1200 fps with high 9000's psi. Doug
  14. Items #16-17 are sold. The edit button was not my original post anymore so I couldn't cross them off. ?? Thnaks, Doug
  15. I've been cleaning up a little and have some items for sale or trade. All prices are without shipping, I'll ship whichever route is requested and do what I can to get the cheapest rate. I prefer a PO MO. Let me know if you have any questions or need a better picture. Items I am interested in for trade are: Black Tapco shorty front vertical grip or similar, Black AK sling that will work with the Tapco Saiga forearm - will need the snap/clip, AR limbsavor pad for a T-6, AK drum, bulgarian AK bayonet, or anything that might strike my interest. What I have: 1. Fobus IWB holster for Glock model 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27 new with package $10 2. East German (I believe) AK sling, blue. $5SPF 3. 3 used Orlite .223 mags altered to use in the Saiga with a feed ramp. I got these with a rifle. There was a little more of the ridge taken of than was needed but the worked fine in my rifle. $10 each SPF 4. FMBG .308 mag. I don't know where the follower, or floor plate are from. I did not test, selling as a body (with the spring, foor plate and follower). $5[/s] SPF 5. FMBG .308 mag. Used worked fine in my gun. $20 SPF 6. AK 30rnd mag. Asian with rear spine/ridge. New, never fired but was inserted and has a couple scratches. $10 7. S12 Promag 10 rounder, used worked good in my gun. $20 SPF 8. AK pistol grip with screw, very hard plastic, finger grooves. $5 spf 9. Glock slip on grip, bought for 17 and 19, may fit others. $5 10. Super-tac trigger system (like a hellfire)model A and B. I can't recall what models they are for but I know one is for a 10/22 and the other is either AK or Mini-14. They are both missing the little rubber band thing, instructions are included. $5 each SPF 11. New Camo mag holder, 3 large pouches 2 small. $10 SPF 12. Metal AK mag clamp, some small surface rust. $5 13. 2 new factory Saiga .410 3" mags. $20 each SPF 14. New black single point AK sling with quick detach. $10 15. .410 take off parts free to who ever wants to pay shipping or I'll throw them in the box with other items. 16. Used S12 Poly choke, slotted. $70 17. S12 choke (0,0) $20 18. Dinzag muzzle brake from a .223. No set screws. Another freebie 19. UTG AR buttstock pad, black, new. $5 SPF 20. Saiga forearm stock is for sale, only hardware on stock is the sling swivel. $10 21. AK front sight with mounting pins and indexing pin and spring. $10 SPF 22. Pine stock made by BattlerifleG3 a while back when I was scared to convert my rifle. It can be used on an unconverted saiga. It was not drilled so there will be no problem with the hole not matching up. My plan was to paint or stain black. $15 SPF 23. Used AR bayonet with M10 scabbard. $20 24. Osprey international Halo red dot reflex sight. Never used, 4 different sight pictures (dot, circle dot, crosshare, and circle dot crosshare) $20 SPF 25. 33rnd non factory Glock 9mmm mag. $10 SPF 26. New Black and Decker 18 volt flash light and sawzall, no batteries. $20 SPF 27. Mak-90 stockBlond furnature set. Has top screw , no pg screw. Small crack on top. $30 SPF First reply on the post or PM gets it. Any questions/offers please ask. Thanks, Doug
  16. List is updated, choke is back on the market.
  17. List is updated. PM's are being retuned. Thanks, Doug
  18. doug01

    .223 decisions

    Thanks for the input. I may just stick with what I have. In part it was to get something new/different. Before doing something I should get with my friend and his friend and actually check ou the gun and it's operations first anyway. Thanks again. Doug
  19. I'm thinking of selling my .223 Saiga and getting an AR. I don't get to shoot nearly as much as I would like. I was going to sell my Saiga and all my .223 ammo since that was my only gun in that caliber. I decided to hang on to it just because in the case of SHTF, that will be common ammo and I wanted to keep something that would shoot it, and it should only gain in value, hopefully at least. So i figure if I'm not shooting it that much maybe I should jump on the AR bandwagon at least a little and have something that will be that much more mainstream and interchangeable. I have only shot about 5 rounds from a friend of a friend's gun and it was ready to go, so I don't really have knowledge of the platform. So my question to everyone is, does my thinking seem like it is logical? Also, what AR model should I look for? Like I said I am not familiar with AR's so I would something that I will not have to do a lot to from the get go. I'm sure I'll look in the used market. I just don't want to get a POS but I can't break the bank either. I'd have do some research but I value the input from this forum very much. I don't know if all AR's will also shoot .223 but I would want the one I get to shoot both .223 and 5.56 rounds. FWIW, I am quite familiar with the AK platform. Most of my weapons are AK's.....same ammo, mags can be swapped around ect. Thanks for your help, Doug
  20. doug01

    Folding stock

    Does this type of folder reqire modification to the reciever or can it be bolted on? Thanks, Doug
  21. doug01

    folding stock

    Forgot the picture............sorry.
  22. doug01

    WTB Saiga .308 16" barrell FTF in MO

    Thanks, but I'm wanting a 16" barrel. Doug