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  1. JAldrich2008

    Choke adapter 10 slot brakes coming soon

    I would also like to know the answer to this question, although I will be buying one of these from CSS soon regardless.
  2. JAldrich2008

    Vepr-12 magazines

    Any idea how many parts need to be swapped to US-made in order to comply?
  3. JAldrich2008

    Vepr-12 magazines

    Cool, thank you very much for that response. I had no idea the BATF actually loosened their import restrictions! Hopefully these things don't get too cheap... I justified dropping a grand on one by telling myself they'll be way more valuable in the near future. Oh well, either way I'll have another sick shotgun!
  4. JAldrich2008

    Vepr-12 magazines

    Are there any 922r issues when using the 10 round mag on a stock gun?
  5. Do you know the barrel length on these guns? Thanks you!
  6. JAldrich2008

    Sick of Birdshot - where ya'll get your slugs from?

    These: http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/product_info.php/pName/100rds-12-gauge-centurion-le-2-34-single-ball-buckshot-ammo
  7. JAldrich2008

    Low Profile Optic Mount

    I have a cheap UTG mount (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rifle-Quick-Detachable-Double-Rail-Side-Mount-AK-UTG-Saiga-style-but-no-brand-/251029243808?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a728247a0) that I bought off Ebay before I knew what I was doing, but it is fairly low and I still use it. I wouldn't mind getting a legit one without the rail on the side, but at $30 it's good enough for now.
  8. JAldrich2008

    Stolen Saiga 12 in Blacksburg, Virginia

    They probably saw how dirty it was and decided it wasn't worth the trouble. If they touched the inside of the receiver there are sure to be black fingerprints all over the place!
  9. JAldrich2008

    Stolen Saiga 12 in Blacksburg, Virginia

    I just got a call from the police down in Virginia. Whoever took the gun wised up and ditched it at the range. It was picked up a local who dropped it off at the Blacksburg PD, and that's where it is now. What a relief.
  10. I'll take 'em. I can't use the forum messenger on my phone for some reason, so you can email me at jaldrich2008@gmail.com if you want. Otherwise, I'll contact you when I get home from work. Thanks. Joe.
  11. JAldrich2008

    Stolen Saiga 12 in Blacksburg, Virginia

    Somebody replied to my post on Armslist saying there was a converted Saiga 12 listed in Virginia for $800. I checked the site within seconds of getting the email and the post was gone. ATF/Police will be notified in the morning.
  12. JAldrich2008

    Stolen Saiga 12 in Blacksburg, Virginia

    Yes, they have the serial and a full description of the gun. I also emailed them a picture.
  13. JAldrich2008

    Stolen Saiga 12 in Blacksburg, Virginia

    Thanks guys, I'll post any news I get.
  14. JAldrich2008

    Stolen Saiga 12 in Blacksburg, Virginia

    This afternoon, my Saiga 12 in a black Allen case was taken out of the back of an Oldsmobile 88 at the Jefferson National forest shooting range. I filed a police report immediately. I have some pictures at home, so I will add one as soon as possible. I'll leave some info here, so if anyone sees a magazine fed shotgun at the range or a store, please take a look at the numbers. I can be reached via this forum, at JAldrich2008@gmail.com, or at (517)927-7432. Saiga 12 model IZ-109 Serial Number: H08445238 The gun is converted with a Tapco Saw pistol grip and Magpul CTR stock. It has a removable scope mount with a Millet SP2 red dot scope. Also in the case were 3x five round magazines and 1x ten round magazine. I'm not from around here, i'll be heading back to Michigan in a few days. I've seen people on this site talking about the Jefferson range, so hopefully if someone takes it there it will be recognized. If you find anything please let me know or call the police. Thanks again for looking.