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  1. bigstang

    Bulgarian C-10, AK106 mags on GB.

    AAre they prebans or or they new
  2. bigstang

    AK 223 Beta-Drum

    Unless your state has a 10 rd mag limit unless preban. Thing looks mean.
  3. bigstang

    Galil Steel Magazines

    Ok I just got my galil mil. Surplus mags and they sanapped right in. Yeah a tad bit of wobble but not much. im taking then out to test fire tomorrow
  4. bigstang

    Galil Steel Magazines

    Well I just bought 5 from gunbroker 2 for 40 and 3 for 11.99 each and was told they work and u might have file a little but should go in
  5. bigstang

    Just finished her... Look at her now!!!!

    Lol I have them but I didnt want to unscrew the pistol grip or the trigger guard lol I'm lazy. I will soon tho
  6. bigstang

    Tapco Trigger bump fire

    Yeah slow trigger pull is key
  7. bigstang

    Tapco Trigger bump fire

    Yup mine is doing it now also.
  8. bigstang

    conversion parts check....

    yup and whats in the kit???
  9. bigstang

    Magazine problems, Saiga & Pro Mag.

    i kinda had the same problem. i finished the complete conversion,g2 tg,piston,pistol grig, wood,and wold extra power spring. i fired it a few times before i installed the new piston and shot fine( i use wolf) then i tried after i installed and it fired the first rd fine just every round after would jam 1/2 wasy up the case again i used wold. I played with it for a few days and finally brought it to my LGS and she put some Brass case ammom and went down stairs and it fired fine????? then i bot a box of pmc and it fired fine as soon as i use steel case stuff it james the case like u said, 1/2 way up. but i found a sight i can get steel tip brass pmc for 5.99 a box so i dont mind. So its gonna be brass all the way the rest of the way for me and yeah the promags always break so u are better getting a sure fire mag or keep the promags and get a bullet guide so u can use any mill surplus mags or your broken promags lol
  10. bigstang

    Lower hand guard retainer question

    can u get me a pic of the barrel
  11. bigstang

    Are Galil mags Pre-ban??

    Awesome thanks
  12. bigstang

    Are Galil mags Pre-ban??

    now do u just have to dreamal a little on the mags not add anything??? or do they pritty much pop in? and thanks alot
  13. bigstang

    Are Galil mags Pre-ban??

    but are Galil mags Pre-ban???
  14. bigstang

    Are Galil mags Pre-ban??

    I want some
  15. bigstang

    Are Galil mags Pre-ban??

    Yeah that's why I want prebans cuz I can have them