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  1. When you're at a party, and some folks are standing around engaging in a conversation you don't like, or find interesting, are you so rude as to ask them to stop? Or do you pardon yourself and go get another drink, and find a different conversation? I imagine the latter.
  2. Challenge it. But you'll probably lose. In this case, the "sporting purpose" was originally thrown in for our benefit. Large bore ( > .5") devices are NFA restricted (not outlawed), unless they are shotguns for sporting purposes. Just like cigarettes, and alcohol are restricted - by tax. And tax only. The Supreme Court, for right or wrong, has ruled - and CONTINUES to rule that Federal and State governments have the ability to restrict certain weapons. Just like each State has its own taxes on cigarettes. What needs to be challenged is not "sporting-purpose" vs. "self-defense" or any other set of criteria for a gun. What needs to be challenged is the very idea that the government has any legitimate/Constitutional ability to even pass laws with the word "gun" in them. Period. Well that's going a little too far. They should pass a law requiring used/retired guns owned by police and military to be given away in a lottery system to non-felon taxpayers. We did buy those guns, after all.. but you get the point. "What part of 'shall not be infringed' don't you understand." Unfortunately, that is an impossibly hard fight at this point. Decades of case law and rulings predicated on the idea that restriction is not infringement.. that isn't going to just all go away.
  3. There is a thread "Convert to not convert" or something like that. Read it.
  4. Yeah, that stuff rules! And it does pattern like you see in the pics a lot of the time. I've never had a problem with it cycling from AGP mags (don't own any others).
  5. Hah. Yeah, I was thinking about that actually. While it would probably generate a fair amount of revenue if people actually registered .. there would be a shit storm over the fact that ordinary shotguns are now classified as DD, and hence illegal in any of the states that don't allow NFA DD items. And in the free states that allow DD's, there would still be a shit storm over the $200 and registration. You know, I'm pretty sure that President Obama had said at one point that he didn't think we needed new guns laws, we just needed the existing laws enforced. This could be part of enforcing the NFA, and they can hide behind "This law has been on the books since the '30s. We are just providing clarity and enforcing it." Fortunately, this technique doesn't apply to rifles with a bore < .5" - so .. there are no 'sporting' considerations there. They'll have to cook something else up, and without renewing a federal AWB, I don't think they have much to go on. But of course, this is all speculation and we won't know what the hell is really happening until it happens. But, I'm getting prepared, getting all the trust and NFA paperwork that I'm going to need in order so that if I need it, I can just drop it in the mail. And if it turns out that I don't need it, I can still drop it in the mail and start my stamp collection Yay for motivation to get off my ass and get this stuff in order. Thanks ATF!
  6. Heh. He just called me asking for an update and whether I found any info about the Saiga situation. He is at a gun shop now, and they have a Mossberg 930 in wood furniture, for $300. The shop owner will cut and crown the barrel to 18.5" for him, and have it for him to pick up tomorrow morning for $400. So he should be out the door with it, with some shells for $450 or so. Then I guess he is going to buy a second barrel from Mossberg to have something other than the 18.5". I told him to go for it. It'll be a month or so before I get up there to see him and check out the gun, but from his description it was well cared for and looked near mint. Just a ding in the buttstock. Yeah, a cheap dedicated slug gun seems like the only real choice for him. I guess where he wants to go has some opportunity for longer shots that he can't quite make with his Granddad's old over-under.. but the main reason is he doesn't want to climb with an heirloom. Thats part of the reason he liked the idea of a Saiga - it's rugged, and scratches and dings don't detract from it, but rather add character. But at this point, even if he could find a Saiga, he'd be paying a lot more than for what he's getting that Mossberg for, it seems. Funny thing though.. he was telling me he feels guilty that he'll be going hunting w/o that over-under. It's put food on his family's table for many years. He feels like he's cheating on his wife. lol
  7. Well, the paradox choke is a Russian made choke specifically for the Saiga-12. Adds about 6" to barrel length.. he doesn't want a 25" barrel out in the woods. He needs to climb some hilly areas to get up to where he wants to hunt some elk, so he wants a more compact gun. A regular Saiga with a winchoke adapter might do the trick.. and keep the barrel shorter; but since this would be a dedicated slug gun - thats what he's building it for - he's looking to be able to fire the widest variety of slugs he can; both off the shelf stuff, and recipes of his own. I never had much luck with the 2" rifled chokes. Never seemed to do much for accuracy.. maybe I didn't try at far enough ranges to see the improvement, I don't know. This is why I think he should just get a rifled barrel shotgun - like a Mossberg or Remington, and if he really wants to shorten the barrel.. that is a quick chop and crown job for a gunsmith.
  8. +1 for the Chaos. It is well built, and tough.. all rail systems add too much weight up front, IMO; so I wont't use them, unless plenty of weight is added to the rear to counter the balance. An aluminium stock sounds like the ticket! But they are much better quality than UTG. UTG/Leapers is for airsoft, in my opinion. I actually do like the style of a lot of their stuff, but the material they use is ridiculously soft. I bought one of their forward rail systems for my M1A SOCOM. It wouldn't hold zero, the screws were soft, and after 40 or so rounds of .308, the VFG I was using tore mightly into the teeth on the rail. Another 40 or 50 rounds, and I'd have expected that tooth to break off. I sent it back to Midway and got my money back. Get a Chaos rail.
  9. OK, So a buddy of mine is looking to build an 18" autoloader slug gun. This gun would primarily be shooting custom-loaded sabot rounds. He loves my S12 and really wants to use one as the base. Honestly, I think he should just get something in the Mossberg 930 family; but I promised him I'd ask around .. so here I am. What we're wondering is if anyone has done any tests with the different rifled choke extensions and knows which one works best? We're not expecting a great deal of accuracy - but if a choke prevents a sabot slug from keyholing, and keeps it on paper at 100 yds - that would be something. It appears that the paradox choke is the longest rifled choke available (6" ?) .. assuming it works worth a damn, he'd get an S12 and get the paradox permanently affixed to a cut down barrel. Or he'll decide that an 8" group @ 100 yds isn't worth the detachable mag and he'll get a fully rifled bore Mossberg or Remington and cut it down to 18".
  10. They run, and they patterned OK for me out of my S12.. but not substantially better than Centurion multi-defense buck&ball, which is cheaper. I also prefer the fact that the Centurion hulls are white, and not black. I like my ammo to be clearly visible. My defense load is just plain old buckshot. I like Hornady TAP 8-pellet buck. Patterns nice, and shoots a bit softer than most stuff I've tried.. makes second-shot recovery nice and fast in case there are two or more bad guys.
  11. Looks like he is protesting 922r.
  12. I tend to agree that there is likely some other reason for this study. From what I can tell, the proposed new definition of "sporting-use" does nothing to limit guns that are currently being imported. I don't know of a single gun that is currently being imported that will NOT be imported based on this criteria. I suspect that the references to import are just misdirection. My gut says this has to do with the NFA as well; it is a way to get combat shotguns classified as DD. Sneaky? Yes. Underhanded? Sure. But, as written, the NFA can be interpreted to mean exactly that. ATF is now just providing a formal definition for "sporting-use" shotgun where they didn't have one before. I don't particularly like their definition, and I do find several problems with it - but they aren't out in left field on this. Forward facing lights and large capacities don't have a sporting use (where the "sports" are narrowly defined). I'm less convinced about where rails are attached, or VFG's, for example. But that's life. It doesn't surprise me at all. When I first saw video of a Saiga drum dump - I was awed, and specifically thought to myself "I'm surprised that's legal. I need to get one." All the while with visions of a shotgun that is far more badass than "legit" DD's like the Striker and so on. Nearly everyone that has ever come up to me at a range to talk about my crazy shotgun wonders whether it is legal or if I needed a stamp for it - and they are surprised when I tell them its just a Title 1 firearm with some mail-order parts. The S12 is going to be alright.. the market may need to adjust some. I think, for example, magazine manufacturers would be wise to start considering how best to start making high-quality 5rd mags. If this all goes the way we fear, it would be nice for Chaos to continue to make their rail systems, but with the side and bottom rails as bolt-on picatinny pieces that screw into the foregrip. That would be nice anyhow - even if this thing goes no-where because it'd be nice to remove some front weight by getting rid of unused rails. I mean - really, I don't think of all this as a big deal. An inconvenience, but its just a tax. Who likes taxes, anyhow? Now, here is a question.. assuming we need to register as DD, I would start an NFA Trust to take care of my stamps and NFA weapons. As a legal entity, the trust must be named "So and So Trust" .. Sooo.. how much hassle do folks think ATF would give me if I named my trust "No Government Deserves Trust" .. or "The Government Has Lost My Trust". Since the owner's name must be engraved onto the DD (I believe) some phrase like this would need to get cut into the receiver. I think it would be beautifully ironic and poetic to be legally required by the Federal government to engrave that on my shotgun. I gotta check with a lawyer to see if they have powers of arbitrary discretion about stuff like that though.
  13. Well, hold on - the study is simply about the importation of certain shotguns. Generally, importing foreign-made military weapons is a no-no, as I understand it. So, guns that are imported must satisfy sporting-use criteria. This study makes some recommendations (probably about forthcoming policy) to the effect of what sorts of shotguns will be allowed to be imported. The S12, as we know and love it today, would still be allowed for import if the recommendations of this study are made policy. The question is, will this definition of "sporting use" be applied only in matters of importation, or will it be applied to the enforcement of the NFA in regards to its requirements for "sporting use" shotguns? And if so, would that happen "soon" or are we talking about years from now when another big push is made? Two things are for sure: they don't like shotguns with drums; and if these recommendations are used to enforce the NFA, the "home defense shotgun" market in the US, and Mossberg's entire new product line (including the crazy chainsaw gun) are all out the window. So, I think that kind of back-pressure against them might be good for us.. but only time will tell. I'm kind of expecting it to go DD. Just because its too damn fun, they have to tax it.
  14. I dunno, but relatively speaking.. it seems to me like the S12 needs a lot of cleaning; but then I'm not familiar with any other autoloading shotguns. But it certainly requires more cleaning than a pump shotgun.. and they require more cleaning than my Garand/M1A variants, and I imagine they require more cleaning than AK rifles. How much cleaning do other autoloading shotguns require?
  15. Can you put that stock and PG on it without converting it? I didn't think you could... Yeah, with that particular package deal you can.. it includes the ACE receiver block. For someone looking to avoid conversion for whatever reason, it seems like a pretty good way to go. I wonder if that grip is removable.. I never liked those SAW style grips.
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