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When it comes to superior parts and service, K-VAR has been the proud leader for the past 15 years in the firearm industry. We at K-VAR strive to do the best to satisfy you, our customers, by providing the highest quality parts and exceptional service. We know that a satisfied customer is a lifetime loyal customer. With you in mind we plan our daily operations. We are doing everything possible in order for you, our loyal customers, to receive the best on all parts and accessories offered through K-VAR.


About us

K-VAR Corp. is the largest supplier of Brand New, Quality AK-47 and AK-74 parts and accessories in the United States. All our spare parts are Brand New, authentic, and factory matched for stamped or milled receivers. As you know, the incredible design of the AK makes it a cinch to interchange parts with other AK variants.


If you would like to change the look of your AK or repair broken components, we can provide you with an assortment of the most optimum genuine parts. These include the best Bulgarian AK-74 and AK-47 Parts Set, RPK Parts Sets, genuine military stock sets, and much, much more.


K-VAR Corp., is dedicated to providing its customers quality original parts for the world renowned AK-47 and all other variants of the outstanding Kalashnikov Rifle. From Flash Hiders, to Trunnion Blocks, to extremely rare Pre-Ban Magazines, K-VAR Corp. can equip you with any component for your favorite AK.

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