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  1. Speak for yourself. My familiar platform is the AR, not the AK, and I've been waiting for something like this to exist for years. I would like it better if it were DGI instead of short-stroke, but I'm still sold. (Remind me again why I'm a member here?) Proprietary ammo is a huge gamble but I hope they pull it off. Molding the whole shell out of plastic should help keep initial production cost down, I would think, and it isn't like that hasn't been done with standard 12ga shells before. Edit: I'm a lot more interested in this than I ever was in the MKA-1919.
  2. Yeah, I'd definitely call it a novice mistake for anyone who owns an AR-15 barrel nut wrench. I agree and hope he does replace the barrel for you rather than trying to hack-job it. FYI, installing a heavier recoil buffer, at least an H3 if not heavier (I assume you have a collapsible, carbine stock,) would slow the bolt group way down. That improves reliability in general, but in your case in particular the slower bolt won't hit the cartridges in the magazine so hard, so the bullet noses won't dip so far down and they should hit the feed ramps on the barrel rather than the receiver. Exc
  3. Ouch. Yeah. Standard extension with M4-cut upper is a bad thing. Whoever assembled that and sold it that way should be ashamed. There are ways to make the gun feed reliably in spite of having janked-up ramps like that, but I'd still consider it unacceptable. Either the barrel or the upper forging itself has to be replaced.
  4. Wednesday bump. Sorry for neglecting this, I've been passed out on Nyquil with the plague for the last four days.
  5. I recently fell into possession of a Chaos 13" extended quad-rail for the Saiga-12. This is the one with the solid, single-piece top rail and no sights. Since I don't have a Saiga to stick it on, and I don't particularly like quads, I'm not really interested in hanging onto it. The previous owner had a black enamel finish put on to make it "more closely match the color of the gun" (his statement, not mine,) and because he didn't like how bright the "CHAOS U.S.A." insignias appeared. The insignia lettering is still clearly visible. It also appears he had to trim the rear-lower receiver
  6. The bitch is back. (For a little while, anyway.)

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    2. Casp


      Schultze, they caught me trying to break out, but released me as an award for creativity in my escape attempt.

    3. Casp


      And ShadowFire... I'd run away, fast.

    4. unclejake


      I joined in "08" and thought I recognized your handle. Good to see you back (if you are still here! LOL)

  7. Updated (with prices for parting out rather than the whole kit) and bumped.
  8. I'm parting out my M4. (I originally wanted to just sell it as a kit minus lower but everyone is asking me to part it out so whatever.) Runs like gangbusters, but right now I need the money more than the weapon. Sucks to have to give it up. Note: I am cross-posting this at other forums. I will keep this post updated to reflect what happens elsewhere... Here's what's up for sale: Complete Bravo Company upper receiver assembly - 16" SOCOM profile barrel (SOCOM profile = heavy profile with provisions for mounting M203), carbine-length gas system. 100% milspec (other than being 1
  9. Horse walks into a bar. Bartender says "why the long face?"

  10. Rock River is fine, as good as anything else in the world of 9mm ARs. CMMG might be a little better but the thing is no one really puts any effort into the overall reliability or workmanship of RO635 clones because no one really uses them as combat weapons anymore, just range toys. In any case a solid, dedicated 9mm lower like what you got is generally better than using a drop-in magazine adapter in a standard lower. The one thing I would recommend above all else (regardless of what manufacturer you go with) is go to Slash's Heavy Buffers (I would link if it weren't against the rules her
  11. Not that this actually helps you any, but some clarification on the Russian Cyrillic alphabet: Я = Ya Р = R б = b (lower case; upper case looks like Б) Ф = F
  12. For anyone who has not yet noticed, the Coonan Model B (.357 Magnum 1911) is back in production.

    1. Steppe Sweeper

      Steppe Sweeper

      That is aesome, I hear they were pretty reliable too. True 1911 size as far a holsters go and whatnot, not a big ass Desert Eagle or Grizzly. I had a chance to buy one for a great price but the guy literally dissappeared on me

  13. The LGS had an AKM (no import marks that I could see, guy said he "thinks" it's Bulg.) for $959. Am I wrong for thinking that's blindingly unreasonable?

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      LOL! but this one is special!

    3. grendelz


      "Buy it before the Obaminator takes it away!!" lol

    4. 22_Shooter


      For $959, I hope it comes with a duplicate as a spare!

  14. (Still brainstorming) In terms of diagnosing the problem, the only things that should cause an autoloader to shortstroke are: Insufficient gas (not enough pressure, not enough dwell time, blocked port, gas leak, underpowered ammunition, undersized bullets) Moving mass (bolt/carrier group) too heavy Recoil spring too powerful Too much binding friction on moving parts (filthy, no lube) Gas dwell time, bolt group weight and spring power can all be pretty safely ruled out on a stock SKS, and I assume the gun is clean and oiled. Have you tried different ammunition? Only other thin
  15. A temporary fix I've seen a few people do is form a washer of sorts out of a paperclip and stick it between the gas valve and the end of the cylinder to take up the gap; it makes the gun run but doesn't last very long. That's what I was thinking originally, but I wanted to look around and double check since it's been a few years and my memory likes to play tricks on me. You say you got a replacement valve and that didn't fix the problem? Was it the one from CNC Warrior? That's the only thing that comes to mind. you can try wrapping paper around the gas cylinder and block to see if it s
  16. You're far from being the only person who's had this problem. The Yugo SKS's have a little bit of a reputation for having a leaky gas block. Sadly, off the top of my head I don't remember how to fix it, but I'll do some digging real quick and let you know.
  17. Thank you for restoring a little bit of my faith in human intelligence! I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  18. -1 for the Badger TacLatch (and the Gasbuster and any of those other designs), +1 for the BCM Gunfighter. You'll eventually rip the roll pin out of your charging handle with the Badger. If I were a real life high speed low drag tacti-cool operator and shot wearing gloves 90% of the time, then I'd run the Gunfighter. I'm not, and I find that the serrations on the front of the latch tear up my fingers something fierce so I just use the standard charging handle, but beyond that the BCMG is a quality product. Also, as others have said, you can't go wrong with the PRS. (In part because it mean
  19. A lot of people and organizations like to make the ammunition a condition of your warranty; that is, fire steel-case Silver Bear or Wolf in it, and your warranty is void. Some sort of irrational paranoia about the interaction between extractors and steel cases. My own M4 (Bravo Co.) has fired a handful of rusty, dirt-covered Wolf .223 picked up off the ground at the range and had zero problems firing and cycling them (besides one misfire.) Regarding sights, I don't know what to tell you, other than the obligatory "if you buy cheap shit, all you'll have is shit." I had a stand-alone A4 r
  20. I really do wish there were a way to find out who carried it and in what battles...
  21. Before anyone bitches at me about messing with an old rifle, it's a 1943 Izhevsk force-matched refurb and has NO collectible value. Aside from that, the only thing I'm doing is glass and pillar bedding it and counterboring the muzzle to get it to shoot straight. I'm not doing any external, visible modifications except maybe down the road installing a click-adjustable rear sight. Just thought some people might like to know, for future reference: 1/4" nominal brass pipe from your local tardware store makes perfect pillar bedding material for the Mosin action. It fits perfectly around the
  22. I think I'm going to have to go again to try to get something significantly less touchy-feely than this one...
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