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  1. We here in California have been dealing with this mess for a long time, minus the semi-auto ban. I sincerely hope that this does not happen nation wide.
  2. Seriously dude? Their freaken building burned down!! That could bankrupt many small companies and your pissed because they lagged on getting back to you? Sorry but the whole world does not revolve around you.
  3. I normally have about 500rds of .308, 250rds of 45acp, and 500 12guage mixed slugs/bird/buck. Is that enough?? NO!! But, that's all I've got the money for right now. When I have more cash I will buy reloading equipment to really stack up. Especially on 308. That stuff is expensive, but its a great long range round that works perfect in my Saiga 308 battle rifle and my deer rifle.
  4. This actually is not a bad idea. If you don't want to save the ring and use it next time , you could at the least save the stones and the next time you need a ring have a jeweler use the stones to make a new ring
  5. All these votes and only one female so far, that is kind of surprising to me.
  6. No idea why that got a -1 but ill have to +1 it. I was unable to participate in the pole because I dont believe that race/religion is a factor together in one. If you want to accurately ask how racially diverse the forum is you might brake the race/religion into 2 different parts. +1 Im not gunna vote because I'm Irish, Scottish, German, French, English, Dutch and others, all white. I do not identify with Protestant or Catholic.
  7. As my member title implies I ride the short bus with pride She got it made up for me, its made out of local wood by a real craftsman that has since passed away. Go ahead and call my balls are clipped or whatever, won't phase me Haha right on my spare bedroom has a sign that says "The Dog House"
  8. Check out the website, they got a good-to-go from the ATF. Here is the quote from their page. "Your new design eliminates the forward handgrip and thus does not facilitate two handed firing as your initial design did. Therefore FTB finds that an AK pistol mounted in your redesigned stock is intended to be fired with one hand and thus constitutes a "pistol" as defined in the Gun Control Act. Accordingly an AK pistol mounted in your newly designed stock would not meet the definition of an "AOW" as noted above and thus would not be regulated under the provisions of the NFA in any way."
  9. Tons of foreclosed homes here in FL, so we have plenty of room if you decide to defect. That idea sounds better and better every day
  10. I have 10rd AGP's and 10rd Promag drums and haven't had any issues with either, and would recommend both.
  11. Hells yes I would want a legit 30 round drum, although I'm in Cali so I can't get one legally... technically...
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