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  1. CSS I just have a question, why is there a gap on the sides of the shell towards the feed lips? Like if you take the poly mags the walls are touching with the rounds and there isn't any play side to side for the shell, but with the gaps on the steel mag the shell likes to move side to side. Just wondering if that's how it's gonna stay? I'm loving the mag so far but that is the only thing that kind of bugs me a little.
  2. Well what happens when you leave a forum for a while? You come to find that a company has been making steel S12 mags for a couple months. LOL Just ordered one to test out and hopfully it won't be the last.
  3. This problem drives me crazy lol, hell I was even thinking of adding a small weld to the rear of the safety lever where it still makes contact with the dust cover. But I wouldn't know how well it would do.
  4. Took 6 business days (ordered on 2-16 got it 2-25) for me to get my drum and pistol grip from MD. And the drum ran great on my S12. And even better is they kept the price down compared to what others are selling their NIW drum for. ($300 )
  5. I think I would of gone witht the chaos, that way later in the future you can mount lights or red dots on it if you decide to. If I could go back when I got my rail for my S12 I would of gotten one from chaos lol
  6. I haven't tried locktite since currently I only have the red one not the blue one. BTW cobra what is recoil lug?
  7. I got a CSS tri rail about two years ago and lately the screw has been backing out when I shoot it for a good time period, anyone have any advice on how to keep it from backing out? Also will the Chaos rail stay in place better than the CSS tri rail?
  8. Usually you run high power loads in position 1 and low power loads i.e. birdshot on position 2.
  9. Have a larue quick detach grip, comes with three plugs for grip extensions i.e. sort of mini, full size grip, or a flanged full size grip. Has withstood a good amount of abuse. A little pricey though. And the bracket is metal.
  10. The dude over at AA have a 30 rd wraithmaker drum and it looks heavy and way too big lol. Probably still not worth buying from them though lol.
  11. Some funny stuff indeed. Someone now started a new thread about TMZ (yeah, I know, you can't get any more "gossipy" than TMZ) airing a story about this whole thing with Vince leaving, and how Will and Steph could no longer hold an FFL due to some discrepancies in a 2009 (?) ATF audit. No idea on if any of that stuff is true................but even Steph acknowledged that Vince is indeed starting up his own business, in an FB reply to someone else's post. Mesa Kinetic Research LLC. It doesn't necessarily mean he left RJ entirely, though. Who knows. Best of luck to Vince, and here
  12. News coming out on another forum that his facebook stated that he quit and among other things about RJF.
  13. I'm digging the camo job lol. Also you know the last guy smiling while posing with the SKS and federal police isn't camera shy.
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