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  1. I read on dinzags website that he is shut down. Where is everyone sourcing their conversion trigger guards (and parts) from?
  2. Hahaha exactly what I was thinking when I got the update/photos. Its like this guy has all the oppurtunity in the world to set peoples minds at ease, just comes up with BS on why he doesnt act on it. Ive been wrong before, but its seems like more of the same... I'd expect an update on how the building caught fire and all the polymer melted and they have to start from scratch with a new vendor because they want to make it better than the previous make believe designs.
  3. ^^^ what he said Ive got two rifles, both 223 one is 59mm one is 134mm --- they both shoot about the same...
  4. Thats like asking how often do you change underwear.... Me personally, every 4 days... Wear once normal Next day front to back Next day inside out Next day inside out front to back... I just thought id throw that in there with all the rest of the analogies... But on a serious note, I usualy clean every gun after one range trip... Unless Im super lazy when i get home that day, which isnt often... But im sure you dont NEED to clean them that often...
  5. In CT we are able to pin our collapsible stocks, therefore no longer making them collapsible... are you able to do that in NY?
  6. There are so many mounts and so much garbage out there, just wanting to know what mounts work best for a red dot. Which ones are good quality, which ones should i stay from....
  7. oh man, so you didnt end up selling it? I want to pick one up but unless i hear some more serious positives the only way i would feel comfortable is COD... Let us know how it works out when it install it...
  8. That list looks like it might have been from my thread --- I did my conversion last night, everything went relatively smooth. The rivets/bolts holding the "plate" on the underside of the gun was obviously the frustrating part, but still not very tough. I should add that i didnt have to be precise and perfect grinding them off since i was using the new trigger guard from Dinzag (a worthwhile purchase, looks 10X better than the original and as easy as putting in two hex screws). I used 3 references when doing the conversion, cross referencing each one. 2 videos and the Stu offroad site, th
  9. # CONVKIT - $35 - PG Conversion Kit - Includes triggerguard, screws, allen wrench, pistol grip nut & screw, cobalt drills, hole plugs & instructions
  10. 1 Saiga PG conversion kit from Dinzag 1 retainer plate 1 Tapco T6 stock 1 ATI strikeforce grip 1 Tapco G2 Single trigger group everything look OK?
  11. To be 922r compliant? And make sure any other part I add after that is US made? If i change the trigger group and buttstock I can still use foreign mags, right?
  12. not sure on price, but cheap enough if i recall correctly... nice job on the saiga, Ive got two of them on the "to do" list, the first one im going against the grain with more of a tacticool look... second, when i get around to it will be more traditional..
  13. gunbroker is your friend
  14. so uh, does this mean the adapters are back in stock and no wait time on newly placed orders?
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