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  1. iam lookin for work, i just keep myself busy at my sisters. chins up high believe me. thanks everyone. btw, i snagged my nieces laptop so i will be on chat more
  2. HA! Iphones suck, I am on my phone right now and in chat with it.... Miss ya narrof...sorry about your mom, but I am sure she is at peace now. Thanks neef.
  3. Thanks guys. Iam on an iPhone And can't go into chat
  4. Well fellas I won't be on chat or on here for a little while. My mother passed away Thursday, she went peacefully and pain free. Iam moving in with my sister and have a ton of shit to sort out. Marrok
  5. My guess is people would just think it was a blacksmith thing since you're a blacksmith and blacksmiths use small sledge-hammers & they wouldn't give it a second thought. I never knew what a Mjolnir was until just now when I did a google image search. You're right Pauly, but odd things draw attention/questions. And my prefered Mjolnir looks more like an Anchor to most than a Hammer. And I was Army not Navy, lol. Being who I am, it's difficult(almost painfully so in regards to my Faith) not to answer truthfully. It doesn't help that some of our symbolism has been usurped by Ne
  6. VAP- Viking American Pagan with no intention of changing a damn thing.
  7. Caught this little beauty on Sunday. About 20 inch, and had no teeth which was odd to me. That same day I almost had a nice sized Bowfin, bastard spit my lure out near shore........... Then lost my favorite tiger stripe Rapala to a monster pike, atleast 40 incher.......PISSED ME OFF!!!!!!!!
  8. That pic looks like a line of "ghost" figures from Modern warfare 2. the masks are a dead give away
  9. Look at Cheaper than dirt. they have a shit ton. the civi ones only
  10. My 10/22 is completely stock from the early nineties. Still runs like a raped ape
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