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  1. Use whatever gives you good POA to POI. For me and my S12's it's Krebs all the way. The front tower is rock solid. Never had any issues with the sights moving around.
  2. epbullen

    Hair Triggers

    AK platforms and super light, super short triggers don't go together, ever.
  3. For my needs, it's Buckshot. You should first determine what your needs are. Here in VA we don't have a Castle law, so deadly force can only be used (IIRC) if My/A loved one's life is in serious, serious danger from an intruder. Especially where I live in Northern VA, I wouldn't realistically consider using a semi-automatic shotgun to defend my life. That being said, I most definitely do not feel under-gunned with a bedside Mossberg 500 stacked with standard 00 Buckshot. I'm pretty confident I'll never have to worry about any kind of overwhelming opposition from multiple armed and dang
  4. *SOLD* I'm selling this Glock 21SF Gen 3. It has at most 120rds through it. No malfunctions of any sort. I don't shoot it enough to justify owning it, it just sits in the safe. As you can see in the 3rd picture, there is some very minor grip work. I used a jeweler's file to smooth out the edges of the trigger guard closest to the grip. It makes the handgun VERY comfortable to hold and shoot, I've done this to all the Glocks I own. Comes with everything seen in the pictures. -Glock 21SF, all matching serial #'s -Two 13rd OEM mags -One 30rd Kriss Super V
  5. *SOLD* I'm selling this Magpul MS2 sling. It comes with Magpul's RSA (Rail Sling Attachment) that mates with the MS2 claw perfectly. It hasn't been used for anything other than sitting in a box. That bit of white on the paracord surrounding the "pull ring" seen in the lowest left portion of the picture has been slightly seared with a lighter. It affects nothing in terms of durability. I'm asking for $45 shipped, I accept checks and money orders. If paid for by check, I will wait to ship it until the check clears . Thanks for looking!
  6. *SOLD* ETA: Price drop - Now asking for $280 shipped. I'm selling this Slide Fire stock. It is the Right Handed model. I bought it for a .22lr project but the project hasn't taken flight. This stock is new apart from being out of the box - never been installed on a lower. I bought this stock from MIlitarygunsupply for $349.99 new, not including the sling attachment nor shipping. It comes with everything in the picture: the stock, pistol grip adapter, right-hand SPADE attachment and instruction manual/letter from the ATF. I am asking for $300 shipped. I accept che
  7. Foul temptress! I'd buy a few.
  8. epbullen

    AA Origin

    My heaviest S12 weighs 15lbs fully loaded (20 rds). I wouldn't be surprised if this weighed more than 15 lbs empty with that stick magazine. On their site it reads: " The Origin will accept our 20rd. and 30rd. drums (Origin configured). " I wonder how much that'll weigh.
  9. This looks very interesting, really looking forward to that video. Might have to pick one up and try it out
  10. First time in a while I've picked up a couple things for one of my S12's. I swear Greg shipped my order yesterday for my order I put today. Unbelievably fast shipping guys. HUGE +1
  11. They use tendons strung together from various animals right?
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