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  1. Wow.. no we're not as important. This site is a business, not your playground. Your not contributing as much as the venders and your not running it. You are NOT as important as the venders. edit: and boycotting the venders who are supporting this site is one of the the DUMBEST things I've ever heard of. Bullshit... whithout US there is no website. Where are your balls?
  3. JUGGS... you're BIASED due to the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!! Ban me if you will but you're BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!! Am I the only one with the BALLS to SAY IT?!?
  4. Pauly, you seem like a great guy with lots of talent and an excellent reputation. I want you to do a LOT of work for me. However, I'm personally avoiding ALL vendor support on this forum until Mods realize that We, The People, of this forum are just as important as the Vendors. The Mods just don't get it and are whacking any/all members who post concerns from OTHER vendors who mess things up. Personally, I'm NOT going to put up with it. Ban me as they may.
  5. Seems like he's in a high risk environment making shit-loads of money but giving up his freedoms for awhile. He'll bring home gobs of tax-free cash so spending a few thousand on conversions is nothing to him.
  6. *I recommended a forum vendor but, as impressed as I am by some Vendors here, I'm deleting my recommendation due to high support for Vendors by Mods and low support for Forum Members. Money talks and that's a 2-WAY conversation. MEMBERS... SOLIDARITY!! I understand that this forum is supported by Vendors... but if we Members don't buy from the Vendors then they will no longer pay their Vendor dues. We, The People, DO have some SAY in what's RIGHT!!*
  7. I did option #3 at first and my Promags worked great. But I then decided to go with option #4 and I love it so much better. BTW, if you go option #4, you can't go back to option #3 but you can always use option #1 or #2. However if you go with option #3, you can't do #1, #2 or #4. Can't the bullet guide simply be removed if one changes his mind?
  8. I want one in pink or lilac!!
  9. ^^^ Yeah, prices will probably be a bit high when they first arrive on the market due to high initial demand. That's great for the manufacturer... and more power to him, BTW, because profit is what gets the wheels turning to make new products available. However, us poor folk must wait until the inital wave of demand dwindles and prices come down or we can't afford to buy them. Ehh... then again, maybe I'm just a cheap old bastard.
  10. Seems like a viable alternative to a left-handed or ambidextrous charge handle mod... would save a nice wad of cash especially if doing a polish job anyway. How much does the polishing and that charge handle mod cost? Looks great!!
  11. Bakelite is an old form of plastic. It's brittle.
  12. My job "could be" a very fun and rewarding one but management and command always fuck it up... turf war and political issues... not enough "get it done" for the soldiers. Multimedia development training (distance learning... eLearning).
  13. Got mine for $475 shipped to my FFL less than 2 months ago... before the shortage. I think the "scarey shotgun" ban scare affected rifle sales too.
  14. No wooden mags I've ever heard of but that doesn't mean they don't exist... don't see how the necessary thicker dimensions of the thing would work in "modern" firearms. In reference to muzzle attachments; For "flash" suppressors if the threads are the same and the caliber is the same they should work fine although effectiveness may vary for given calibers/loads (I don't know)... one very important caveat is for "sound" suppressors that also must be manufactured to withstand muzzle "pressures", i.e., one could use a .223 sound suppressor on a .22LR but "never" use a .22LR on a .223 rifle.
  15. Excerpt from here: LINK "In the Code of 1672 men were to provide their own arms, but arms would be supplied to those unable to obtain them. In New York, each town was to keep a stock of arms, and each man between 16 and 60 was to have arms. Even those not obligated to serve in the militia were required to keep arms and ammunition in their houses." Oh, how we have fallen. EDIT: Please try to ignore the racist implications of the documents referenced in that website. My post has only to do with the right of... no, the demand by the State for... citizens to bear arms.
  16. Thanks for the post... been wondering about those for a long time now.
  17. Centurion Slug 1400fps fit... can't yet report on function though.
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