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  1. I know this is old, so apologies up front. I just wanted to say this review is EXACTLY what I wanted to see for both of these products. I need to replace a commercial size Tapco T6 on one gun and I have a milspec stock I can use for another. I have been looking hard at these products and other options for some time. This sealed the deal for me and I am going to get both products with confidence I didn't have before. Thanks!!

  2. I had this happen to me about 4 yrs ago. Except for speeding tickets, I have been squeeky clean with the law. However, an unpaid/unresolved fine from 1990 stopped my purchase. It had recently appeared on my record as more and more Counties & States are going online and sharing data. The moment I was denied, the local gun store helped me fill out my request to find out why. Two weeks later the TBI sent me a letter explaining what, where, and why. I then contacted the county department and paid the fine. I was told it could take a month from that point to clear my record with TBI.


    Pain in the rear, but I was told something simple like not paying a traffic ticket can stop your purchase if it moves to a warrant. For example, my son got a speeding ticket in AL in '09, never went to court, never paid it. This year, his license get's suspended till he paid it. Just that right there would have also stopped him from purchasing a firearm.

  3. Keep it up. I have been trying to put down the pipe for weeks now. I have bought the patches, but have not started them. So far, everyday I plan to quit tomorrow.


    Keep up the good work. Like HOG76 said, it takes three days for your body to adjust to the removal of nicotine. Nicotine blocks up nerve receptors, your body opens new ones to process nerve messages, when the nicotine deposits "wear-off", there are more impulses being receive by the receptors - this causes the nervousness. More nicotine clogs them up again, so you 'feel' better after smoking.


    The first day you are the worst, by the second day your body is starting to shut down/close the extra receptors. By roughly 72 hours it has closed the extra ones completely off. After that, it is strictly the "mental obsession (habit)" part that you need to break.


    Knowing is half the battle, now getting off my rear and doing something is the other part I need to put into practice.

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