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  1. I'm with W8lifter, the Echo 93 products are your best bet. I use the V3 and have been extremely happy with the fit, finish and functionality. For just a little bit more money you get a much better product.
  2. Thanks for the info imarangemaster, you learn something new every day.
  3. @Battleicious It looks really good! I will be doing my restore this weekend and hope that it goes as smoothly as yours went. I have a question in regards to your magazines though...are those 10/30 mags? I'm also from California and my understanding of the law is that you can't have a magazine capacity larger than 10 rounds. If I'm wrong or you know something I don't please let me know. Also, if they are 10/30 mags where did you get them? Thanks, Irish
  4. Hey HBrebel... I'm in OC and I'm looking at purchasing a 7.62 X39. I was talking with an employee at my local pistol range's pro shop and they are going to be ordering my rifle for me, that way I don't have to deal with any additional paperwork or fees. Anyways, have you heard of Burro Canyon in Azusa? It's an outdoor range buy they allow all caliber weapons to be shot there and have multiple ranges; pistol, shotgun and rifle. They also have ranges that you can rent for the day if you have a few of your buddies going with you. Nice place and they have guns to rent as well. Check
  5. Thanks for the input 308saiga, that clarifies things for me.
  6. Hello, I'm new to the Saiga firearms and new to high caliber rifles so I'm in need of some information. I'm in the process of purchasing a Saiga 7.62 X39. My plans are to keep it stock aside from a UTG fore end and Surefire 10 rd magazines. I was just wondering if these two items with it's stock components would keep me CA legal and 922R compliant. I'm not too worried about CA Legal, my understanding of the law says that's not a problem. However, with only the Surefire mags and the UTG fore end installed, I'm concerned about the 922R compliance, is this enough or do I need to swap out
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