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  1. Got some Mad Dog 357, 750,000 scovilles. A few seconds of really good smoky flavor followed by a half hour of hell in your mouth.
  2. Glad you're doing better Mike!
  3. Best wishes to all for the Holidays!
  4. Thanks all! Just want I want to be--older :-)
  5. Happy B-day Joe. Have a good one!
  6. HBD Chile--have a good one!
  7. kresk

    Remember me?

  8. kresk

    Hi. Been away for a while.

    Search the forum for the Pauly thread and read up. Let's not puke up that whole thing again and waste more space. Thanks. Doc
  9. Federal Gold Match .308 Wolf Gold .22 or Eley
  10. Czecs don't make AK's. VZ58 maybe? Lower hand guard looks like one.
  11. Think there was a SPAS-12 in Jurassic Park. Must be why it's my favorite.
  12. A great 9mm--well built, reliable.