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  1. I put one in my VEPR 308 so that I could get the safety to fit. It popped out after a couple rounds because I didn't push it in real good. I made sure I got it set after I cleared the jam. Make sure it pops down into the groove. No issues since then but I do wonder if individual clips would work better.
  2. Ordered mine! Been checking on these every couple weeks. I'm glad I couldn't sleep last night so that I could catch them before they're gone. Absolutely reasonable price, I think, I mean I've bought promags for half the price of cssspecs products, then bought the csspecs later when they didn't work great (VEPR 308). I really can't believe somebody would have the nerve to post that bullshit. Anyhow I can't wait to test it out
  3. I hardly ever post anything, but, seeing this . . . there are no words. Now starting the slow clap.
  4. Found some GB 20 gauge buckshot ammo at the FWgunshow last weekend. Its Spansih stuff similar to the rio but is labled in metric notation. So all I could tell from the box was it was 9 pellet 20 ga buck, with a 7/8 oz load. Too light to be 9 X 00 buck, so I had to take it apart and it seems the pellets averaged dia. around .290, between #2 and #1 buck, and about 35 grains each. Hopefully I will get to test it out next weekend. I will try to post some photos too. Looks like its going to be a great HD load without any recoil.
  5. I've never seen rio anywhere in person, but I think I saw this on luckygunner .com. I just hate paying a minimum of $13 ups for shipping for any small amount of ammo from almost everywhere. 1 box of 5 shells should not cost that much to ship.
  6. Rio now makes a 2 3/4" 20 ga load with 9 pellets of 00Buck with a MV of 1330 fps. Has anybody tried it? A box of 25 runs $13.50. Looking for HD ammo for my sister so i was wondering if the recoil was higher than a normal 2.75. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. The bulgarians with holster and mags go for around 250, but the russians might go for $100 more. The new style ones might have target sights or 10 round magazines too which changes things further.
  8. Hell ya, that would be a great alternative to an AR10 in .243, especially with affordable ammo.
  9. Awesome dude, thanks for the heads up!
  10. I couldn't really use/reach my factory handguard with the md 20 because I am fairly short. But, with the romanian "Donkey Dick" foregrip, I can reach around the drum easy enough sitting at a bench or standing, and I don't have any problems changing mags. I don't know if the magpul hangs down far enough to reach it around a drum.
  11. There are a lot of people who claim 8 pellets of 00buck work much better in a 12 ga, producing a better pattern, in particular. It would also allow you to make 12.5 % more shells with available lead. Someone please check my math. The castboolits site is the BEST resource anywhere for all your casting questions. Check it out if you have not allready.
  12. +1 on the MD arms V plug. My gun cycled fed bulk out of the box even sometimes on setting 1. I switched to the v plug and can keep 2 3/4 magnum/high brass loads from cycling on the higher settings if I should want.
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