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  1. First a thankyou to all that answered this thread ! One such of event bothers me ,two such events ,especialy this close , leed me to think something is fishy. My heart goes out to those injured and lost and their familys.
  2. Ford's no better ,6 out of 8 plugs broke off in the heads of my 05 e350 , 7 out out of 8 on my newer sport trac ...........TG Lisle has a tool that removes them , or I would have had to pull 4 heads to get them out :[
  3. If you end up building yourself a rig , I highly suggest using solid state drives and do not buy a cheap power supply as they are the "heart" of the computer. me
  4. Thanks Unfortunately need about 9-11" of eye relief so 3.5" wont cut it. Yes they are difficult to find, price paid for being outside the box so to speak. BDC is not a great priority since I wont be doing any long range work and the 308 is flat enough for guess work even with a 100m zero. Cleaning up some flood stuff today I found an old 2x scope I used to have mounted on a mosin, cleaned up well and illumination works so I may go with that for a while until I find what I want. Take to range next week see if it checks out. I am using a model S49429 Weaver 2.5 - 8 x28 ,and so far i
  5. I’ll try to be around and about. But if I’m not, then you know that I’m behind your eyelids, and I’ll meet you there” ― Terence McKenna me
  6. Who else thinks we should have spent all that $ on 1000 or 2000 A-10's :]
  7. Probably could , But I already have the adapter ,and out of the box it will only be 3 or 4 steps to convert it. Plus the adapter has a 3 inch chamber ,allowing me to select how much , if any unrifled area .
  8. {ROS}_me


    adapter pic
  9. Those go in the chamber end, not the other end. Threading wouldn't do anything. You might be able to slip one in with the carrier removed, but I would be concerned that it might shift around and cause a headspace problem. i.e. slip forward and allow the cartridge to fire only partly contained in the chamber of the adapter. I understand they are made to go into a 12 ga. chamber. , I want to convert one into a paradox ,most of the adapters chamber would be replaced with threads matching my 410's threaded barrel, I found a local guy that wants 50 to 75 bucks to do the cutting and tappi
  10. http://www.gunadapters.com/12-gauge-to-45-acp-bug-out-series/ I was thinking of having one of these threaded and cut to fit my 410. barrel ,just need to find a local machine shop that can do the work and how much they want to do it :]
  11. I have a USN mark 2 that needs some cleaning , the steel cleaned up ez with just oil and a rag , So whats the best way to clean the leather ? thanks me
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