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  1. Obama’s going to prison, let’s all hope it’s a good start.

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Just to let the dirtbags out.....

  2. at 7:04a I became a grandpa to a baby girl

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    2. YOT


      Congrats to your family, Pops


    3. Dad2142Dad
    4. Lone Star Arms

      Lone Star Arms

      Pics, or it didn't happen. Congratulations!!!

  3. Has anyone noted that most of the people like Mrs. Moore’s little boy Michael (I put it this way because according to him, his statement is based on his upbringing) are listed here as “public figure/s”. Mike hasn’t done much lately to get his name in the public so in a desperate attempt to get noticed he insults heroes. Mike try putting your time, money, and energy into something productive and then maybe someday you’ll be a real film maker like Mr. Eastwood.

    1. ShadowFire


      I'm with some of the other military guys. That Crisco dripping, pile of shit does not deserve the honor of my response nor shall I give him one. :)

  4. “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”

  5. R2D2: Rattlesnake 2nd one to show up in about a week now this one is Dead 2 (too). This one was in the yard with Daisy they were playing chicken (without the rooster) but the game was called because of rain, 1 1/8 once of lead raining down on the snake removing the head. Little one like the last one maybe 2.5 feet, maybe family, maybe a nest of the damn things close, like under the house.

  6. Just wondering what if you’re in a state that doesn’t require an ID to vote and you’re not driving a vehicle or carrying a weapon is it reasonable to say you have no need carry an ID on your person? If you can’t produce an ID and you have beer on your breath do they deport you to Germany?

    1. YOT


      Seems legit.

    2. DrThunder88


      I think a lot of states have laws that require you to identify yourself to police if you are stopped under reasonable suspicion, but I don't believe any state has a law requiring a person out in public (certain statuses and activities notwithstanding) to carry an ID card.

  7. I'm sure Barry will do something like block the export of American vodka to Russia, that'll bring Vlad to his knees.

  8. well now no teeeth at all left, have to wait till Dec. to get dentures. a life of soup and jello

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    2. YOT


      Alot of pain or just sore?

    3. thebuns1


      I love me some pudding.


    4. ShadowFire


      Well it's a good time to work out, diet restricted and all. Take advantage of it.

  9. Getting ready to get dentures, all top teeth taken out, damn. After they take the teeth they file the jaw line to make it flat, damn. Suggest you go floss NOW.

    1. Dad2142Dad


      Are you getting the posts installed for them?

    2. magsite20
  10. Two Arabs encounter a large German Shepard licking his private area. One Arab says to the other, "I wish I could do that." His friend replied, "If you pet him real nice, he might let you."

    1. Juggernaut


      Baker WAS the Doctor! Tennant was good, too...

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    2. magsite20


      Just had trouble with customer because their email was so poorly written the job got screwed up. me not use to dealn wit wat look like 4 yr ol rote it

    3. David Mark

      David Mark

      Another proud example of our public education system.

    4. timy


      Da, Dave. The indoctrination centers are indeed a success.

  11. Capitan Mark Kelly from astronaut to assclown in wARp-15.

  12. Boyfriend kills himself; country singer with long history of mental problems kills the dog then herself. Sounds more like the makings of a song than a need for more gun control.

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    2. thebuns1


      Its America bro, the real problems never get the blame. Nobody has any responsibility anymore. Its pathetic.

    3. Ronin38


      I feel bad for her ex., the father of the 6-yr. old. His son is now in foster care and he's going to have a helluva fight to get him back!

    4. Juggernaut


      bitch shot her dog!

    1. timy


      Just another example of blatant bias on the part of the state run media.


      Soldiers are bad, police are good, period.

    1. garnaz



      That would be the legal thing to do. If they did that they couldn't pocket all the taxes on the fake S/S numbers

    2. lbsrdi
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    2. nlacy


      Gulo, if they didn't use public school buildings and resources I would be less concerned. But for an orginization that welcomes all boys and values diversity unless you're gay it's pretty hypocritical.

    3. Gulo


      Most troops don't use public school buildings, myne didn't.

    4. Gulo


      Or any public resources for that matter...

  13. ah Uncle Ted: "soulless fools," and, "pimps whores & welfare brats."

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